Entrepreneur, Diana Nguyen, Launches ‘Madison/Savile’ Raising Money For Homeless Mothers & Children In LA

Diana Nguyen

Entrepreneur, Diana Nguyen, Launches ‘Madison/Savile’ Raising Money For Homeless Mothers & Children In LA

Diana Nguyen, Founder & CEO of Madison/Savile Fashion Line

By Bless Bull / March 10, 2021

On March 10, Diana Nguyen announces that her new Eco-friendly fashion brand, Madison/Savile will launch in celebration of Women’s History Month. Alongside, the label has partnered with Elizabeth House to donate a portion of sales from the collection to help mothers and children suffering from homelessness.

The company stands for moms, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, and career women of the world.

Who Is Diana Nguyen?

Diana Nguyen is the founder and CEO of Madison/Savile who created and designed a her new clothing line in downtown Los Angeles.  She spent 15 years in finance but decided to quit her corporate job almost 3 years ago. Nguyen believed that there was a need for women’s blazers in the market. Her time in Corporate America made her realize that women struggled looking for the right blazer, including herself. Often, she would see women not able to find clothing that made them feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

30 years in Seattle, Diana decided to relocate to Los Angeles where she designs and  manufactures all of her clothing locally. She did not want her brand to be just a fashion line, but to be a lifestyle brand to inspire other women to let their light shine. The name Madison/Savile has a deeper meaning to it. Madison meaning Gift of God & Warrior, and  Savile is for Savile Row London known for its craftsmanship of suits.

Diana Nguyen’s purpose and passion is to inspire women to stay true to themselves and be the best you. She says that the true beauty comes from within at the end of the day, despite a great blazer.

 Madison/Savile: ‘Unstoppable & Fierce’ Collection & Pricing


Signature Black Jacquard Blazer

“Diana has designed with women in mind; the jackets feature five functioning pockets and words of affirmation that line the inside. Her first collection will feature the words “Unstoppable and Fierce,”” Diana said in her press release.

“As an entrepreneur and designer in this space, it is my duty to help drive innovation and reduce the impact that fashion is having on the environment. Our small batch process does mean that delivery times may be a little longer than usual, but we believe we are targeting a consumer who is willing to adapt in order to make better and more sustainable decisions. We are also exploring other innovations to help drive a more circular economy and we are looking forward to launching our plans later this year,” the release continues to say. 
The collection includes:
Boyfriend Jacket
Classic Blazer
Tuxedo Blazer
Tuxedo Pants

The clothing price starts from $365  and is available at www.madisonsavile.com.

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