Grand Le Mar Menswear Collection Launching in U.S.

Grand Le Mar Menswear Collection Launching in U.S.

Photos via. Grand Le Mar

By Hailey Hinton 3/12/2021

From timeless shirts, suits, knitwear, and accessories, Grand Le Mar recently launched in the U.S. 

With fabrics made from iconic mills in Italy and England, such as Cerruti, Pontoglio and Huddersfield, Grand Le Mar produces high quality garments through craftsmanship and modern innovation. 

The new collection features classic neutrals, corduroy, and even bold reds. 

While the pandemic slightly affected the physical stores, Grand Le Mar saw an increase in online sales. Customers and digital sales both went up on the charts. 

When it comes to tailored wear and the predictions ahead, the team for Grand Le Mar is optimistic about it. 

“Our predictions for tailored wear is that when the pandemic is over, more and more people will want to wear tailored looks again as people will be tired of walking around in pajamas all day,” the team says.

Even with casual style on the rise, the team says tailored wear is still likely to be in the race. “When you go out in the real world, it’s almost like a public appearance and more people want to look like a movie-star and behave as if they’re going to a grand premiere.”


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