Goldpark: Goldpark 2 EP Review

Goldpark: Goldpark 2 EP Review

On October 21st, 2022, the indie-rock band Goldpark shared their sophomore EP, Goldpark 2! on Hazel Street Records. The Nashville based trio, West Hunter (vocals), Andrew Smith (guitar), and Kyle Neblett (drums), are fresh off of their 2021 EP, Goldpark One. They started teasing their new EP earlier this year with a string of single releases.

Goldpark’s Background

Goldpark formed in 2020 and immediately began working on their first EP. The newly formed band caught the attention of Hazel Street Records and they were signed right when the pandemic began. However, they persevered, finished their debut EP, and released it in late 2021.

Their debut EP garnered the trio blog buzz, DSP playlisting, and a fan base. Also, since they weren’t able to tour in the band’s beginning, they were able to hit the road to perform their EP in summer 2021. They toured around the United States for a year and are ready for their next step.

Goldpark 2

Hope was a major theme in Goldpark One. The pandemic had just hit while they were working on their EP and the band made an effort to have a positive message in their music. Similarly, Goldpark 2 echoes a lot of the same sentiments.

The first track, “I Guess It’s Never Enough”, is rich with sounds and is lyrically confidence inducing. “Lady Lightyear” sounds like a Sunday morning and makes one want to see connect with the one they love. The third track, “If That’s What You Want”, has an awesome vocal and sonic build and feels like a hopeful Thursday evening grind.

The rest of Goldpark 2 is positive, hopeful, and bright sounding. The good quality production and lyrical themes are consistent throughout and make for a cohesive project. Overall, the instrumentation, vocal distortion and performance, and lyrics make for a solid EP.

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