Enzo Siragusa drops new EP

Enzo Siragusa drops new EP

Dreamscape is a new EP from the revered producer, Enzo Siragusa. His EP was released on October 7th, 2022 and marks his label FUSE’s 50th EP release. This is also Siragusa’s second EP release this year.

Enzo Siragusa’s Dreamscape has two songs in total with both being around seven minutes long. It’s title track, “Dreamscape”, showcases Siragusa’s energetic electronic style. The title track also boasts the most plays in the EP with almost 4,000 streams on Spotify.

The EP’s second and final track called “Bean That Talks” is fairly contrasted from the EP’s title track. “Bean That Talks” is more playful and maintains the vigor of Siragusa’s hard hitting live sets. The second song combines chunky low ends with skippy percussion and rich pads that exhibit why Siragusa and company have been around for so long.

More about Enzo Siragusa

Enzo Siragusa was born in London and began attending cult raves like Dreamscape and Helter Skelter in the mid 90s. Siragusa became obsessed to the scene and an expensive vinyl addiction led him to becoming a DJ. Gigs in Berlin, Glasglow, Leeds, and Ibiza cemented his position in the electronic music space.

Today, Siragusa has a over 200,000 combined followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On Spotify, he has over 34,000 monthly listeners with over one million streams on his 2011 song, “Jazz Fusic”. Siragusa also does very well on Soundcloud. There, he has more than 48,000 followers and his famous BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix has more than 126,000 plays.

Siragusa’s Label, Fuse

More than two decades ago, Siragusa began hosting parties known as Sunday after hours that became an integral part of London’s rave culture. Since the label’s inception, Siragusa’s three pillars of Fuse’s and Enzo’s rave philosophy are first, music and sound, second, community and third, the environment, i.e. the club itself. With values like these and a whopping 50 EPs released by the label, its no wonder Fuse and Enzo Siragusa are such vital parts of London’s club scene.

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