badxyou set to release a new single

badxyou set to release a new single

Punk trio, badxyou, is releasing a new single titled “Better” with the underground pop star 8485 on October 21st. The single is riveting, vibrantly emotional, and has a computerized sing-along hooks that are intoxicating. It also marks the first time badxyou has collaborated with the self proclaimed pop star, 8485.

In “Better”, badxyou’s vocal lead, Andy, vulnerably sings about his struggles with bipolar disorder and identity. The lyrics are emo, deeply personal, and exhibit complexities regarding mental health in a beautifully authentic manner. The production is also thorough with a beat that thumps and guitar riffs that glisten.

About 8485’s feature, badxyou said, “8485 is one of our favorite vocalists. After we made this record, we knew we wanted somebody that sounded pure, with an angelic type of voice. 8485 is exactly that.” Also, because October is Mental Health Awareness Month, badxyou could now have released “Better” at a better time.

More about badxyou

The duo, badxyou, is an inherent genre blender. They magically blends ideas and sounds of pop culture into fresh soundscapes, creating a sonic collage of shapeshifting electronic 8-bit video game bleeps, dynamic guitar riffs, and pop-punk melodies. badxyou embraces, personalize, and embodies the chaotic spin on the internet and pop culture. They also remains relevant and cutting-edge with the current times.

If you look more closely as badxyou’s Spotify profile, their unique persona is apparent. The duo has a little over 3,000 monthly listeners and the only thing in their biography is, “follow for feet pics”. Their two most streamed songs on Spotify are “DISCORD NITRO” and “CLARITY”. Also, both of these songs have over 30,000 streams, are 8-bit video game sounding, and are only two minutes long. “DISCORD NITRO” is a spacey and fun track while “CLARITY” is an equally fun and similar sounding song that samples lyrics from Zedd’s song, “Clarity”.

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