Singer-Songwriter Neriah An Artist To Watch

neriah feature image

Singer-Songwriter Neriah An Artist To Watch

neriah feature image

NERIAH, Photo By: Josh Ryan

Singer-songwriter Neriah is making waves in the pop scene. As she makes waves, she does so while opening up and being extremely vulnerable in the music she makes. Some of the artists who have influenced her include Julia Michaels, Chelsea Cutler, and Colbie Caillat. Back in June, the Los Angeles native released her debut EP titled, This Is How The World Made Me. Not long after she released her single “Breakup Sex.” Following the release of “Breakup Sex,” the LA-native released “Unfinished Business” and “Expiration Date.”

About “Unfinished Business”

Neriah sings about emotional closure in her track “Unfinished Business.” It is no secret that this is a power ballad. In an interview with ECHO, when asked about the inspiration behind the track she says,

I was in a long relationship with an ex and even though it ended I never felt like I got the closure I needed. Sometimes for me without closure, it is a lot harder to move on. I was left feeling like there was always unfinished business between us. I spent a lot of time wondering about our “what-ifs.

Neriah, 2022

The independent artist continued by saying that writing “Unfinished Business” gave her the closure that she needed. “Every song I write helps me through all of my feelings,” says Neriah. Furthermore, on September 30th she will be releasing an acoustic version of “Unfinished Business” with singer-songwriter JC Stewart.

Neriah Is Releasing Another EP

Neriah plans to release her second EP this October. The EP will be titled How Do I Get Clean. In addition to the EP there will be visual assets as well as music videos for some of the tracks. She has teased multiple tracks on her Tik Tok over the past few months. Follow Neriah below to stay updated and listen to her top tracks!

Top Tracks for NERIAH

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