These Are 6 Up And Coming Models For 2021

These Are 6 Up And Coming Models For 2021

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By Hailey Hinton 4/16/2021

Seeing the beautiful Kendall Jenner and easy-on-the-eyes David Gandy all the time will in fact never get old, but seeing new faces pop-up in the modeling industry is always refreshing. Spring has sprung, and so have these fresh faces we can expect to see more of in the coming years. 

1. Anton William Heitzig

With his strawberry blonde locks, freckled face, and slim but trim body, he can be used for a variety of different modeling aspects–like runway or print.  

Anton is 6’1 and from Germany, and is signed with SPIN Model Management (Hamburg – mother agency), Independent Model Management (Milan), Linden Staub (London), and Elite Copenhagen.

2. Josca 

This olive-skinned beauty has a unique and flawless face shape, giving her the girl-next-door look while still being high-fashion. Her beautiful curves and full lips say a lot. 

Josca is 5’10 and from Washington and Atlanta, and is signed with STATE Management (New York – mother agency), STATE Management (Los Angeles – mother agency).

3. Jialong Tang

Jialong Tang is a tall and slim Chinese model with a oval and slim face, who most definitely screams high fashion with his longer raven locks. 

He is 6’3 from Changsha, China and is signed with Tiffany Models and Elite Milan.

4. Solène Pascaud

With long curly locks and a friendly face, Solène has a significant look that can be utilized in many ways. 

She is 5’9 and originally from France, and is signed with Phoenix Model Management.

5. Tetsu Chauvaux

With a mysterious yet reassuring look, Tetsu’s softly chiseled features give the perfect runway look. 

Tetsu is 6’1 Japanese from Hamamatsu City, and is signed with Bravo Models (Tokyo), and esee model management (Shanghai).

6. Stella Ripper

Long and lean with unique facial features, Stella could be the next Bella Hadid or Cara Delevingne. 

5’11 from Spain, she is signed with Pop House (Las Palmas de G.C. – mother agency), Select Model Management Paris, Why Not Model Management (Milan), and View Management (Barcelona).

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