Colorado Motorists Stranded After Mudslide Shutdown

Colorado Mudslide

Colorado Motorists Stranded After Mudslide Shutdown

On July 30, 2021, more than 100 motorists were stranded after mudslides shut down a major interstate in Colorado.
The incident occurred Thursday night after debris from the burn scars around the location of the Grizzly Creek Fire.
The fire burned more than 32,000 acres last August.
According to CDOT, it was poured onto I-70 near the Hanging Lake Tunnel in Glenwood Canyon.
“CDOT staff at the tunnel assisted travelers who were trapped on I-70 by debris flows and sought shelter at Hanging Lake
Tunnel; 29 motorists sheltered at the tunnel complex overnight. In total, CDOT has accounted for 108 individuals who have
now been either evacuated from Glenwood Canyon or have been moved to a safe place,” CDOT said in a news release.

What Was The Cause Of  The Mudslide?

The transportation department has accounted for 108 people, including 29 in the tunnel, who was stuck on the highway overnight.

Glenwood Canyon has cliffs towering up to 2,000 feet above the Colorado River, making it prone to rockslides and


In recent weeks, rain over the area burned by a wildfire last summer has triggered frequent slides, resulting in

closures of I-70, Colorado’s main east-west highway.

Those closures have mostly occurred before the storm moves in, to prevent people from being trapped in heavy rain

has inundated the region over the past few days with frequent flash flood warnings.

On Thursday night, after a second flash warning for Glenwood Canyon, “mudslides and debris reached I-70 within a few

minutes,” CDOT said.

Transportation officials say the section of interstate is expected to be closed through the weekend because of the significant
cleanup is underway and because of heavy rain in the forecast.

“Because the National Weather Service has placed this area back under a Flash Flood Watch, there is a limited window of time

to move all abandoned vehicles to safety,” the transportation department said in a news release.

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