Your 2022 Healthcare Questions Answered

Your 2022 Healthcare Questions Answered

The year of 2021 was filled with world-wide panic and problems stemming from the COVID19 pandemic. Tuning into news reports on any given day felt like an overwhelming amount of pressure placed on our mental health.

This amplified sense of overall anxiety has packed quite a punch. Fear has reared its ugly head into our personal lives in areas such as depression, hopelessness, political opinions, social isolation, grief over losing precious loved ones, financial frustrations, education, travel, housing issues, medical debt, as well as health concerns.

With strenuous strain and uncertainty placed on all these integral levels of our lives, there have been an excessive number of reasons why people have been in need of gaining health counseling.

Now is your chance to get your 2022 healthcare questions answered to gain a tighter grasp on the year and to have the ability to navigate it in an advantageous manner.  

How to avoid blood clots during pregnancy?  

Blood clots are medical conditions that usually take place in the thigh, the lower leg, the pelvis or the arm when a clump of blood goes from being a liquid to a gel-like formation. When a blood clot takes shape in a deep vein, typically a leg, it is called a deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and it can cause deadly blockage that can prevent blood from reaching the lungs.

One warning to keep in mind is that women who are pregnant are at higher risk for a blood clot or DVT, including when they are in the process of childbirth and even up to 3-months after delivering their children.

Pregnant women are also five times more likely to develop a blood clot in comparison to women

are not pregnant.

The risk factors for experiencing a blood clot also increase during pregnancy if a woman has any of the following situations:

·       Previous history of blood clots

·       Age over 35

·       Family history of blood clots

·       Overweight

·       Carrying twins

·       Serious varicose veins

·       Chronic high blood pressure, hypertension, and inflammatory bowel disease

·       Long periods of sitting still

·       Undergoing fertility treatment

·       BMI of 30 or above

Let’s not just dwell on the problem of blood clots without focusing on preventive solutions that can be implemented. These are the steps that a mother-to-be should take in order to reduce the risk of experiencing bloods clots:

·       Don’t smoke

·       Engage in pregnancy-safe exercises

·       Keep your legs in motion while sitting down  

·       Visit your healthcare provider if your redness, tenderness, pain, or leg swelling appears

·       Wear the best compression socks for pregnancy

What are the best treatments for body aches caused by the flu?

In order to improve your health in 2022, especially during the colder months of flu season, it is wise to know how to treat body aches that are caused by the flu or other illnesses:  

·       Drink fluids. Dehydration is a contributing factor to body aches when experiencing the flu. Your body is losing even more fluids when you are sick from sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. Increase your intake of While sick, make sure you load up on plenty of clear liquids, including water, tea, and sports drinks with electrolytes.

·       Massage treatment. Have a friend who can provide you some relief from body aches with a percussive therapy gun massage tool.

·       Heating pads. Applying heat can be extremely soothing for an aching body. Showers in warm water are great as well as long as you aren’t feeling too weak or dizzy.

·       Get proper rest. Don’t forget that your body is getting drained of its energy in order to fight back against illnesses. Therefore, it needs plenty of sleep and rest to replenish itself and without it your body will struggle with the ability to put immune functions into motion in order for your health to rebound and begin to feel better again.

·       Increase indoor humidity. Flu symptoms can get even worse in dry air, which makes it even easier to catch viruses. When you are around dry air you have even less mucus to catch pathogens, which is giving your body even more obstacles to get in its way of warding off infection. Use a vaporizer or humidifier to increase the amount of humidity indoors and improve your mucus production, because the more that your body is able to fight off the virus, the less body aches and pains you will experience.

·       Over the counter medication. Aches and pains may improve quite a bit with the aid of over the counter pain relievers, such as homeopathic flu remedies, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen. But before you go down the medication path, be sure to talk to your doctor first, particularly before using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications, because people with certain medical issues may not be able to take them safely.

How do you know if you have a leaky gut?  

Leaky gut is a digestive condition that causes toxins and bacteria and toxins are able to seep through the intestinal wall. Even though the name ‘leaky gut’ may sound strange, you are probably well aware of the problems that it can cause to your immune system. Ge prepared by keeping an eye out for these  leaky gut symptoms that can arise:

·       Aggressive behavior

·       Anxiety

·       Brain fog

·       Chronic diarrhea and fatigue

·   Constipation

·   Depression

·   Food allergies

·   Gas and bloating

·   Heart disease

·   Impaired memory

·       Migraines

·       Vitamin or mineral deficiencies

What are the health benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy expands the amount of oxygen your blood can carry to encourage normal tissue oxygen levels and treat multiple medical conditions. There are plenty of healthy perks that come from using hyperbaric oxygen chamber and they include:

·   Bone or skin infection that causes tissue death

·   Brain abscess

·   Burns

·   Carbon monoxide poisoning

·   Carbon monoxide poisoning

·   Deafness that happened suddenly

·   Decompression sickness

·   Gangrene

·   Non Healing wounds

·   Radiation injury

·   Severe anemia

·   Skin graft

·   Traumatic brain injury

·   Vision loss that happened suddenly

How to eat healthy without cooking? 

Eating is a vital activity that we should not just be doing for the taste of it, but also for the nutritional value it can provide. But unfortunately, there tends to be daily barriers between getting those health benefits from our food and resorting to fast food.

Some of the reasons why many people may use their kitchen more for eating than whipping up wonderful dinners are ones as common as feeling clueless when it comes to cooking and excuses as recognized as not having enough hours in the day after factoring in other responsibilities, or feeling that cooking healthy meals from scratch is too expensive.

Who says you have to be a chef or a millionaire to afford the services of having one cook for you with your nutritional needs in mind? Now you and your family can prioritize your wellbeing by utilizing a healthy meal delivery service.

Give yourself the gift of nutrient-filled breakfasts, lunches, and dinners rooted in organic fruits and vegetables, also with energizing soups and salads, all previously prepared by a chef and ready to enter your stomach in a matter of minutes.

In closing, incorporating all of these answers into your healthcare questions about nutritious meals, the impact of leaky gut, health and flu treatments, as well as pregnancy behavior can make 2022 the start of a brand-new chapter of happiness for you.  

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