What is the Best Diet for Students to Follow When Writing a Dissertation?

What is the Best Diet for Students to Follow When Writing a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a research-based project completed as a part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The standard finishing range is usually about 13-19 months, barring unforeseen events.

But if you are active enough to work out different concepts faster than are available, you can take a shorter time. It requires a lot of effort in conjunction with healthy foods to write about 100 to 300 pages in length of research. Below is the best diet for students to follow when writing a dissertation.

Herbal products

The FDA does not regulate most herbal products because they are viewed as supplements to food and not drugs. Most herbal plants are vegetables composed of solid and flavorful leaves, and they are mostly considered nootropics because of their ability to boost brain health. As a student working on a dissertation, you will need to take herbs to increase the communication between the areas of your brain and improve memory focus. They also resist the harmful effects of free radicals in your brain, thus maintaining its functions’ stability. Writing a dissertation is a hefty process, and you will need to seek help from different sites online.

Online help in writing an article

Many students experience stress and confusion while writing their dissertation; therefore, seeking clarification from a custom dissertation writing service by EduBirdie will significantly help them. As a college student, you should never let stress consume many sites available for research purposes. You are guaranteed that you an essay that corresponds with the topic of your college degree specialization. Proper diet and effective online research will help you figure out different points necessary in your dissertation.

Complex carbohydrates

Dissertation writers often require a constant supply of energy to keep them going. Research shows that while the brain represents only 20% of the body weight, it uses 20% of the body’s energy. That means that dissertation writers will need more than 320 calories to think and organize their thoughts as per the requirements of the dissertation layout.

Different concepts covered in the dissertation will vary the amount of energy that the brain will consume depending on their complexity. Taking complex carbohydrates is essential for prolonged energy due to the slow digestion process. There are various sources of complex carbohydrates, including legumes, brown rice, quinoa and barley.

Fruits and vegetables

Writing a dissertation is a complex process that leads to the breakdown of different energy-giving foods in the body to release energy. As the food products are broken down, they remove all the toxic substances in the immediate body tissues. Some of the poisonous substances released are the unsaturated fats that have detrimental effects on the brain’s working.

Most fruits and vegetables tend to be loaded with antioxidants necessary to protect your body from the free radical elements, and they form a vegan diet for students. These radicals result from exposure to environmental toxins and unhealthy food, maybe a snack you took while at school.


You will need proteins to stay healthy and ensure that the body works the way it should. They are mainly referred to as body-building foods due to repairing worn-out body tissues and cells. They are almost found in all organs, and they play a critical role in the processes that fuel energy production in the body.

With a lot of pressure from dissertation concepts, you will need sufficient energy circulation to all the body tissues. Adequate oxygen is essential for the brain’s functionality, and proteins form hemoglobin that plays a vital role in carrying oxygen throughout the body.

Healthy fats

A healthy amount of fats in your body has a lot of benefits. When taking healthy fats, you have to keep in mind that too much of them is poisonous for your health. Whether you are typing on your computer or drawing different tables, writing a dissertation has lots of elements, both physical and mental processes.

As a college student, you may find it hard to concentrate most of your time entirely on the dissertation, especially if you have a low amount of fats in your body. Fats will help to keep your body warm in bone-chilling weather as they insulate the body against heat loss.


Writing a dissertation is a long and tedious process that requires a lot of energy and imagination to produce thrilling researched content. Taking the correct diet will supply you with the proper nutrients needed for normal working conditions of the body. Ensure that you regulate the uptake of these foodstuffs as excessive intake may lead to health complications that may interfere with your writing process.

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