3 Ways to Help Prevent the Common Cold

3 Ways to Help Prevent the Common Cold

The winter season is possibly the most wonderful time of the year. Some of the best festive holidays reign the air, layering up can now appropriately take place, and if you’re lucky enough to live in the right region: snowfalls. With that said, the common cold is more prevalent during this period.

Therefore, tis’ the season to prevent the common cold.

In a time of uncertainty, knowing how to prevent sickness, even the common cold, is extremely important due to the underlying state of a pandemic that the world is in. Because the feeling of being physically healthy should always be a thing, it is especially crucial nowadays to not interchangeably mistake Covid-19 with a cold.

Avoid drinking cold beverages.

Understandable. Some humans need their iced lattes, and no one is judging. Well, only the rational population of the earth. Drinking hot beverages in a cold environment not only helps regulate body temperature but decreases the chances of cold, even flu-like symptoms.

Certain refreshments, including tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, can be alternatives to frozen iced drinks. Not to mention the benefits that come with consuming the warmer liquids, such as antioxidants, immune system boost, bettering the digestive system, gaining extra energy, and lowering mood swings.

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Although, it was a post-pandemic year. 2021 was as busy, with everyone being preoccupied with work and school, leading many not to prioritize their well-being properly. Certain habits like skipping a meal, eating late, not getting the necessary sleep, etc., opened the door to a harmful lifestyle. So, if anyone lives an inevitable fast, chaotic life, here is a list of a few supplements that are worth trying to boost immunity: 

(Consult with your doctor, physician, therapist, or parent guardian before intake)

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Probiotics
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D 
  • Echinacea
  • Ginger 
  • Curcumin

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In the name of health, please cover up!

Weirdly enough, some individuals hate to bundle up in the winter. People would be surprised to know that avoiding an ugly cold can start with staying warm. Style is nice, but comfort and practicality are paramount. Investing in a good winter coat, puffer jacket, sweater, whatever preference suits your taste makes for a great start. In addition to that, mittens, earmuffs, and a scarf help to prevent the common cold better. These wintertime essentials are needed and will, without a doubt, be useful each year. Being prepared will unquestionably make for a successful, sick-free, stress-free winter season.

Courtesy of Yvette Romero for The Garnette Report

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