Great Sushi Restaurants You Must Try In LA

Great Sushi Restaurants You Must Try In LA

If you are traveling to California, here are some yummy sushi restaurants you must try. With high-end chefs and good food, these are the places to go. Located all around Los Angeles these restaurants will not disappoint.

Katsu – Ya

This casual restaurant has some of the best sushi in the area. Located on Ventura Blvd this restaurant is not too difficult to find. Some appetizers you must start with are the garlic edamame and Seared Albacore with crispy onion which is flavorful and mouthwatering. For entrée, the sushi you must try including the spicy tuna with crispy rice and the baked crab roll. A fabulous dessert is the honey hand roll. For more information about this restaurant click here.

Nobu LA

Now if you are looking for a fancier sushi restaurant then the place to go is Nobu LA. Located on La Cienega Blvd this is a restaurant to try. The ambiance is very classy but is worth it for the delicious sushi. For an appetizer, you must try the new style of sashimi and the beef toban yaki. For entrée, some delicious options include the shrimp tempura roll as well as the spicy baked snow crab. For dessert a great choice is the kakigori which is shaved ice over milk gelato. For more details on this great restaurant click here. 

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa

The final sushi restaurant to check out is Sugarfish located in downtown LA. The food is based on Chef Nozawa’s 50 years of experience. Some appetizers you must get at this restaurant include the Toro hand roll and the tuna sashimi. For the entrée, you must try the Japanese yellowtail and the Nozawa – style shrimp. For more information on this restaurant click here. 



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