Best Restaurants to Check Out in Chatham, MA

Best Restaurants to Check Out in Chatham, MA


As summer begins to wrap up here are a few great restaurants in Chatham, MA to check out. With fresh seafood as well as yummy drinks these restaurants are the place to stop at. Another great part about these restaurants is there is a typical range of food depending on your dietary needs. Also, many of these locations are near the town or the water giving you the option of shopping or a great sunset.


The first restaurant that you should need to check out is a fabulous sushi restaurant, Blue Fin. This fantastic sushi restaurant is in the heart of Chatham and has fabulous fresh seafood. The appetizers to try here including the Little Gem Lettuce salad as well as the Chatham Lobster Dip. For entree, you must try the Happy Girl Roll as well as the Miso Marinated Atlantic Salmon. Overall, this is the sushi place to check out in Chatham that everyone will enjoy. For more information check out the website here. 

Chatham’s Bar Inn

This fantastic restaurant overlooks the beautiful Massachusetts shoreline and has a delicious assortment of food. In addition, this restaurant is also at a great hotel in the area if you are traveling from far. Some appetizers that you must try at this restaurant include the Chatham oysters and the Baked stuffed little necks. For your main course, you must try the Local Catch of the Day as well as the Dry-Aged Prime Sirloin. For more details on this great restaurant click here. 

Wild Goose Inn

The final restaurant you must check out in Chatham is the Wild Goose Inn. This yummy cozy restaurant is the place to go in Chatham. Some of the fabulous appetizers are the fried calamari rings and the Korean cauliflower. For an entree, you have got to try the delicious, seared sea scallops as well as the yummy Mermaids delight. For more information on this great restaurant click here. 




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