TJ & Steph, The Ultimate Online Fitness Coaches

TJ & Steph, The Ultimate Online Fitness Coaches

TJ & Steph are two fitness coaches who are on a mission to empower women through fitness, breaking down their best workout routines and diets for newcomers to execute.


The two best friends from Pennsylvania, now based in New York, both had their inspirational fitness journeys, which has given them the propensity to work with beginners’ clients who aspire for not only a better physique but more confidence in themselves.

At just 24-years-old, the pair have created content on TikTok and Instagram that’s not only relatable but is tremendously informative to amateur gymgoers. A unique quality from @TheThickFatory bunch is their particular target audience interest: Women.

The First Stepping-Stone

Many folks who get gym memberships and are relatively brand new to the environment and practice usually are confused on how to start, which may cause a great deal of awkwardness. Standard novice shyness is not abnormal; TJ & Steph help people navigate it. Helping
“women sculpt healthy curves through effective workouts and flexible dieting.”


Suppose the free social media content they upload is not sufficient to meet your intentions. In that case, The Thick Factory business works with individuals on a one-by-one basis to move towards goals that may include building strength, toning the body, or losing weight. After filling out an application to determine if one is a good candidate for their programs, they offer plans to fulfill that particular ambition. Then when agreeing to their game plan proposed, a meeting is set up to talk in-depth about the nitty-gritty.


Photo from @TheThickFactory from Instagram

Not only are TJ & Steph examples of their own workout routines and diet plans actually working, but they have a consistent following online that proves it as well. Besides numbers on social media, there are testimonials that demonstrate why their guidance is worthy of consideration.

For more information regarding TJ & Stephs fitness program click the link here.

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