Hydration’s most wanted, LARQ’s Bottle Filtered

Hydration’s most wanted, LARQ’s Bottle Filtered

LARQ, the eco-friendly innovative self-purifying bottle company, launches a new and improved iteration of its bottle suite.

Ode to it’s original remarkable value

The new redesigned LARQ Bottle Filtered, equipped with a state-of-the-art nano zero filtration system will incorporate impressive features that remove lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and even particulates. Other features include a new-flip straw design with an advanced low-pressurized system. In addition, to having an award-winning bottle design that is perfect for hikes, one-handed sips, and bikes the revamped rendition continues LARQ’s patrimony of quality excellence and practicality.

Courtesy of LARQ for The Garnette Report

A big part of LARQ’s mission is to provide greater access to clean water by lowering dependency on single-use plastic. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), plastic pollution annually contributes about 14 million tons of waste into the ocean.

Environmental Efficiency

Skillful enough to replace up to 300 single-use plastic bottles per cartridge as well as being fully compatible with the LARQ PureVis™ cap- the LARQ Bottle Filtered is the ultimate essential. For convenient easy swap-and-go filter changes, and the ability to purify water from harmful contaminant’s on-the-go.

Each LARQ filter change will depend on usage but ultimately should last up to 2 months. Roughly filling up to the equivalent of 40 gallons of water. 

Not only a suitable low waste object to buy as a result of its usefulness, but a very economically accessible product for the average active person who loves to stay sporty.

Courtesy of LARQ for The Garnette Report

Coming in chic colors like Obsidian Black and Granite White, ranging up to $48 (17oz/500ml) to $58 (25oz/740ml) with free shipping all over the U.S. on orders over $80. Not to mention if not satisfied, free of charge returns in the U.S. and Canada.

The LARQ Bottle Filtered is now available at livelarq.com 

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