Jen Lauren’s NYC fitness guide

Jen Lauren’s NYC fitness guide

New York City (NYC) is a grandiose place with an infinite number of experiences that await. It can be overwhelming for someone new to the Big Apple to figure out what to do. 

Newcomers, specifically gymgoers, prioritize the perfect fitness establishments to attend, which can be a daunting task. The place, price, and proximity are all critical factors to consider. Thus, the pressure for choosing where to is on.

But, honestly, who has the time to try all the options NYC has to offer? No one, really.

Luckily for you, someone has scouted many different workout sessions-in person and virtually- so you don’t have to. 

Meet 25-year-old Jen Lauren, a digital creator based in NYC.

Lauren focuses on both health and wellness through her job. She has carefully curated a platform on YouTube (Jen Lauren), Instagram (@Jen_laurenn), and Tik Tok (@JenLaurenn). She has a loyal following on her socials she reports to by rating workout facilities and classes she takes part in.

In addition to evaluating locations and their sessions, she also has other health and fitness endeavors.

The @daretoselfcarepod 

Another project she has embarked on is her podcast, the @daretoselfcarepod , a year old, which can be found on Apple and Spotify Podcasts. Lauren speaks to different fitness industry experts and has conversations that are unique regarding self-care, spiritual awakening, body image, anxiety. Particularly in a time when those subjects are not frequently discussed.

Although her YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok segment is relatively new, each video has the potential to become highly viewed. A few influencers have tried to become NYC fitness reviewers. However, they lack dedication and consistency in their content.

Here are some of Jen Lauren’s assessments in respect to what she has tried:

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