Fitness Advice for the New Year

Fitness Advice for the New Year

With the new year comes a new list of resolutions, and a particular resolution that never fails to make the list: “I’m going to start working out.”

Anyone reading this might be guilty of making similar promises of working out too.

Deciding to start the new year being active is a fantastic way to begin a healthy lifestyle. However, not everyone goes through with their resolution and gives up within the first few months, sometimes even in the first few weeks.

Here is some advice to be mentally prepared to enter the world of fitness in 2022:

Don’t be overly ambitious.

There is nothing wrong with having goals. A determined mindset brought at the beginning of the process helps achieve goals. However, that does not mean setting unrealistic standards either. Starting small can make all the difference. Building endurance over time is an achievement.

One of the biggest problems is people are impatient and want to see results immediately. All things in life come with hard work and dedication, and a six-pack won’t be built overnight.

Novice fitness individuals have so much untapped potential. They won’t know everything right away. Throughout their journey, they will make mistakes; nevertheless, they will learn from them.

Asking for guidance from someone with experience or expertise could give more insight. Unfortunately, pride usually gets in the way, especially for amateur fitness participants because they think they can do it all. When in reality, a little help never hurt anybody.

Develop discipline

Consistency is key. Taking time out of the day to exercise is almost impossible when it comes to busy schedules. This is where routines become essential. Having a workout routine makes your fitness journey more attainable.

Other times, laziness or other people’s opinions might intervene and maybe even discourage people from continuing. 

Whether it’s a workout partner or a friend to lean on, a support system is crucial. Nobody can make it on their own, at least not entirely. This venture is not easy. Reminding yourself why you are doing this is an excellent way to keep your eyes on the prize. Is it for health reasons? To look more aesthetically pleasing? Or to build up your confidence?

Whatever it may be, make sure your priorities are in check.

Don’t compare yourself to social media

“Why compare it’s a waste of air”

Social media isn’t reality. Influencers often share what they want you to see. Ultimately you only see the results. Through all the flexing, there are many unseen tears, injuries, and moments where they almost gave up. Performative gym photos that only show one angle, the best one.. Not to mention a few photoshopping retouches here and there.

Remember it’s all easier said than done but never unachievable.

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