Bellabeat Ivy, The Best Valentine’s Day gift for her

Bellabeat Ivy, The Best Valentine’s Day gift for her

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the pressure for buying your significant other the perfect gift is on. Stress no more, though, because the right product your partner will love is now here. Designed and developed exclusively for women, Bellabeat’s newest product, the Bellabeat Ivy, will make for the ultimate present. Impressing that fitness-obsessed health-conscious girlfriend has never been easier.

Courtesy of Bellabeat for the Garnette Report

Effortless sophistication

Crafted out of hypoallergenic materials, Bellabeat Ivy is smart undetectable jewelry for women that allows them to track fertility, menstruation, and even menopause at the proximity of their wrist. With no display, Bellabeat Ivy’s non-intrusive design keeps data private- information only being available to its rightful owner through the Bellabeat app.

Get your readiness Score each day of 2022

Having the right tools to reach one’s intentions is fundamental. There could be many things to juggle, or everything may be simply underwhelming. The Bellabeat Ivy notifies if too much has been done and if there is a need to slow down, or rather if too little has been done and more energetic pursuits need to be complete.

Exciting features that the Bellabeat Ivy includes are the monitoring of a resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and cardiac coherence while sleeping at night when the body is at its calmest state.

Tracking heart rate 24/7 will be a provision that will include:

  • Active Heart Rate
  • Active Minutes
  • Calorie Burn
  • Steps

“Why does Bellabeat Ivy go to the extent of analyzing those components through sleep patterns?”

-Some might ask.

Depending on the activity that was done that day, sleep will reveal the bio-response to recent activities, stress, and emotions that were undergone. So, in the morning, when the Bellabeat Ivy is in sync with the Bellabeat App a readiness score is calculated ranging from 0-100 on how ready the person is for the rest of the day.

“The Coach”

After every purchase, there is an automatic complimentary limited Coach Premium membership that works as a guide. Engineered by experts, Bellabeat’s medical board stands behind all the content in the app that is created in sync with women’s cycle.

The coach closely analyzes the women’s monthly cycle for close insight. Carefully tracking the period cycle to provide personalized holistic wellness content.

Self-care the best treat to give

All the lifestyle data collected is processed into a wellness score that allows individuals to investigate how well they are taking care of themselves. If more things are done to replenish the body, or ease the mind such as drinking enough water, exercising, or meditating results in a higher score. Not to mention, how encouraging Ivy is cheering and motivating Bellabeat users to always do their best, making Ivy the most superlative wellness assistant a gal can have.

Besides having all the other awesome traits, battery life lasts up to 8 days. At just $249, the Bellabeat Ivy is a sensible item to buy, in comparison to other tacky smart bulky watches that are retailed for $500 and above. Available in four different colors: Blush, Silver, Rose Gold, and Jet Black at

Courtesy of Bellabeat for The Garnette Report

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