‘Moon Knight’ Series

‘Moon Knight’ Series

Five out of six “Moon Knight” series’ episodes are available on Disney+, keeping fans entertained with psychological drama and supernatural elements. Only one episode remains, which releases Wed. May 4. Here’s what we know and what we can expect for the final episode of the series.

Psychological Aspects

Following the comic book accurately, Oscar Isaac’s character is diagnosed with Dissociative Personality Disorder, or DID. Stephen Grant and Marc Spector fight for control and Isaac does a great job of accurately portraying what it is like to have DID. There is a misrepresentation of the mental health condition In movies and shows. Its portrayal is often aggressive or violent, but “Moon Knight” does a great job to subvert the stigma. 

“Moon Knight” is part of a new wave of shows that focuses on accurately portraying mental health issues. There is no need to ignore or misrepresent the condition inappropriately for viewers. With this focus on mentality, it helps create an interesting plot for fans. There is quite a bit of conflict between series villain Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke. As a result of Harrow’s wit and Spector’s mentality, this creates an interesting relationship between the duo and a good storyline, keeping viewers engaged. 

Episode 6

One final episode of “Moon Knight” remains and it is just as compelling to viewers now as it was when it began. The series brings in a new type of character, creating a new element of mythology for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. There is still a lot of closure that needs to happen before the season is up. It is likely it will be a packed last 40-50 minute episode. 

It will be interesting to see how the creators wrap up this chapter of the “Moon Knight” series. There is still no confirmation whether there will be a season two. Here is the trailer for the show.

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