Bel-Air Premieres On Peacock – Review

Bel-Air Premieres On Peacock – Review

The new Peacock series “Bel-Air” premieres on Peacock. The series serves as a spin-off of the well-known 90s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Surrounding concern that the project may butcher the original show, “Bel-Air” exceeds already low expectations. Peacock streams the first episode for free. The rest of the episodes require a Peacock subscription.

Bel-Air Plot

Containing situational comedy and a dramatic plot, “Bel-Air” truly has it all. A young Will Smith, played by Jabari Banks, finds himself in danger after making enemies with a gangster. Will finds himself in jail, but is released after his uncle, Phillip Banks, played by Adrian Holmes, pulls some strings to get him out. After his release from prison, Phil, a wealthy LA lawyer, requires Will move to LA with him.

Will soon finds out that Phil is running for District Attonrey and assumes the only reason Phil helped him out of prison is because it makes him look good to voters — by saving a Black teen from prison. Complementing the character from the original show, Will serves as comedic relief amid his rivalry with the Banks family. 

The pilot episode of the show contains several cheesy lines, quoting the original sitcom in several different ways. Will actually quotes a line from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song at one point, but the references fade as the series continues.

Serious Topics

The show also addresses more serious issues. It mentions topic such as race and class, but unfortunately it does not address these topics any better than the 90s sitcom did. The show conveniently resolves heavy topics. Will’s unsettlement with his past arrest is only an issue for a short time. However, as the season progresses, sensitive topics are addressed more.

Overall, the series acts as a melodramatic high school show, but it has the potential to become something great. As the series progresses, viewers can look forward to dramatic storylines and comedic relief from already-introduced characters.

Here is the series’ trailer.

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