Euphoria Season 2 Prepares FOR Season Finale

Euphoria Season 2 Prepares FOR Season Finale

With its release every Sunday since Jan. 9, “Euphoria” is all the rage recently. The fanbase prepares for the “Euphoria” season 2 finale airing Sunday, Feb. 27. 

Season Two Plot

The second season has seen a wide range of drama and each episode becomes more intriguing. Firstly, Rue Bennett (Zendaya) relapsed with her drug addiction. Secondly, Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney) betrayed her best friend Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie) by sleeping with her abusive ex-boyfriend Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi). Lastly, Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow) put on a play which proved to be humiliating for a variety of the characters.

All in all, this season has had its ups and downs and the season finale may be the most dramatic episode yet. The HBO promo for the season finale is a turbulent teaser and shows some major concerns for some of the characters. Most noticeably, there is fan concern over Fez (Angus Cloud) as he is seen in distress in the teaser. 

What Happened In Episode 7

Lexi’s play called “The Theater and Its Double” cuts between her play and her backstory. The episode shows a side of Lexi that “Euphoria” fans haven’t seen before — she’s authoritative and ambitious. She worries the show may upset some people in the crowd and it ultimately does. As a result, Fez calms her down over a phone call and he can be seen getting ready to attend the play. He never showed up to Lexi’s play and we have yet to learn why he was not in attendance.

What We Can Expect

Firstly, the show raises the question if Rue and Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer) will be able to salvage their relationship. Secondly, Maddy’s storyline with Nate and Cassie has become a focal point of the season. The breakup has led Maddy to feel like she can’t escape and Cassie’s betrayal forced her to lose her best friend. Can the two salvage their friendship? Hopefully the season finale will have answers to all of the questions that fans have. The “Euphoria” season 2 finale airs Sunday, Feb. 27.

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