Spotlight.Fashion New Collections

Spotlight.Fashion New Collections

Spotlight.Fashion released four new collections by international fashion designers at Paris Fashion Week 2023.

Kavita Thulasidas, eauddo, Ocean Kiana, and Fait Par Foutch were the four fashion designers showcasing their collections at Hotel Alfred Sommier during this year’s Paris Fashion week. Each design of the collection was inspired by each of their individual cultural roots. As they showcased these beautiful pieces, the crowd couldn’t help but be amazed by the creativity and unique fabric being showcased.

With each individual designer having their own success in the world, they collaborated together to create something beautiful.

Starting with Kavita Thulasidas, the fashion designer from Singapore represented her roots in the collection, Heritage Reinterpreted, by acknowledging wisdom of those who came before us, and a promise to the ones that will follow us. The collection reflected Asian sensibilities while inspiring a contemporary perspective.


Following was eauddo, also known as Fabiola Oddo. Oddo was born in Cannes and began the brand in New York. For the vision of this collection, eauddo SS24, was inspired by the theme of an old Hollywood fairytale. It was designed for those who aren’t afraid of over-dressing for any occasion. The silk, liquid satin, chiffon, and lace combined completing the look to become immediately elevated.


Next, was Ocean Kiana, an artist from North Western Ontario, who bases her brand in Toronto, Canada. Her work is inspired by the land and water that her people have lived on for generations, and the artist uses design and fashion to tell Indigenous stories. In the collection, Love On The Brain, she uses a deep red and pink to represent the people she loves, and the black to represent her loved ones who have passed on.


Finally, Fait Par Foutch showed off her brand that was made back in 2021 in Los Angeles. This collection, An Ode to the Icons, was inspired by timeless, sophisticated, and glamorous icons, such as Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. The designer hoped to inspire others to showcase their creativity and sense of individuality through whatever they choose to do.


The combination of each designer complemented each other perfectly and set a great tone for fashion week.

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