Kylie Jenner at Milan Fashion Week

Kylie Jenner at Milan Fashion Week

Kylie Jenner showing off her newest looks at Milan Fashion Week, happening on the weekend of September 19th – September 25th.

Known world wide, celebrity Kylie Jenner shows off one of her outfits during fashion week on her social media. Captioning the photo “Prada ‘92.”

Instagram/ @ kyliejenner

Wearing the Prada spring/ summer line of 1992, the dress flaunts itself in a nude fabric with detailed embroidered flowers throughout the dress. Jenner in the past has worn archived clothes from the past, and showing that aspect of her during fashion week speaks.

The trending “vintage” look has made its way in and out of the fashion world. With other celebrities also wearing older fashion pieces, celebrating the history of fashion can be shown in a lot of different ways.

Such as Jenner’s sister, Kim Kardashian. At the 2022 Met Gala, Kim K. wore an original Marilyn Monore piece worn back to 1962.

Instagram/ @ kimkardashian

Celebrities wearing vintage takes it to a whole other level for fans. Audiences being able to see how the celebrities style the old pieces compared to its original release is something that will hopefully always be a tradition. Seeing how fashion grows is the reason why the fashion industry will never disappear.

Another look worn by Kylie Jenner at Milan Fashion week was to the Prada show. Jenner flaunted a Prada crystal beaded mini skirt, paired with a black Prada turtleneck dress.

Jenner, making a TikTok about her getting ready for this event, almost went with the white turtleneck dress underneath the crystal belt. But with a team effort, she decided that black would be the perfect way to tie in little black heels and a loose tied updo bun with her hair.

Even though Kylie Jenner at Milan Fashion Week is no surprise, it is fun to see how Kylie embraces herself differently every year- And will be anxious to see how she continues finding her style in the future.

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