C3zr Announces Debut Album W/ Single “B.B.B”

C3zr Announces Debut Album W/ Single “B.B.B”

Chicago-based pianist and producer Cesar Pino will be sharing his debut album after years studying and teaching music. Stylizing his name as C3zr for his own musical outlet, Pino is announcing his electrified jazz-funk debut album Round Voyage, which will be released early next year with LA-based label 600 Block Record (Killah PriestPugs Atomz).

Featuring a wide array guests to help flesh out his compositions and beats, the artist and producer worked with his frequent collaborator, Chicago-based singer Ifeanyi Elswith, for his lead single “B.B.B.” Standing for blue bell bottoms, the song leans on both of their strengths, with Pino channeling H.E.R. and Kaytranada in the arrangement and production while Elswith delivers her bars in her usual cool girl swagger.

Week in Pop said
, “Call it a mood. Call it a vibe. ‘B.B.B’ bursts through to the surface from the underground with a coolness and suave that cannot be denied.” The blog acknowledged Pino’s jazz chops, remarking on the dynamism of the duo, where Pino gave the track its bounce while Elswith “operates with skilled smarts that brings slick statements of truths.”

Pino said, “‘B.B.B’ initially started out as just an instrumental track I was putting together. I was listening to Kaytranada and ENNY and was inspired to produce a track with an Afrobeat or house style. The percussion, particularly the clave, plays a significant role and I’m always a fan of playing outside the key.”

He continued, “The song is also the second collaboration with Ifeanyi. One day when we met up to rehearse for a different song, I was playing the track in the background, which immediately got her attention. From there, she was already brainstorming on lyrics and everything started to connect instantly.”

Ifeanyi Elswith said, “‘B.B.B’ is about my favorite pair of pants that I wore A LOT. People would always compliment how my shape looked in them. One day I wore them with a leotard & a slicked back bun for my hairstyle. It stroked my ego to the point that I wrote raps about this experience.”

Pino began studying piano at just six years old, later earning a scholarship through the Chicago Piano Music Festival at Northeastern Illinois University. He completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in music there, and he even got to tour China with university’s jazz ensemble.

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