Hamptons Fashion Week Coverage

Hamptons Fashion Week Coverage

Featured image info: Nicole Miller Runway Hamptons Fashion Week Via Tess McHugh

On Saturday, I attended the Hamptons Fashion Week Luxury Lifestyle Event in Southhampton, New York. This event included legendary fashion designers, popular influencers, local vendors, and sponsors such as SmartWater and VitaminWater. The Hamptons Fashion Week occurs annually in the beginning of August. It provides up and coming designers the opportunity to showcase their collections to the public. In addition, they hold an award ceremony for “Fashion Icons”, which celebrates veterans in the fashion industry. The event is 3 days long and includes many fancy events. Events include a luxury shops runway show, a Shop and Sip, full day of runway shows, and the Hamptons Fashion Week “Metaverse”. Here are some highlights from my experience at the Hamptons Fashion Week.

Food and Drink

Via Tess McHugh

The Hamptons Fashion Week Luxury Lifestyle Event 2022 commenced at the Southampton Arts Center. Local food, makeup, accessory, and drink vendors set up inside the museum gallery of the Southampton Arts Center. Within this area, guests could move from vendor to vendor collecting food, drinks, and other free things. Some food highlights included tacos from DeJesus Deli and Grocery and BBQ pork sliders from Backyard Barbecue.

First, I tried two of the chicken tacos and added on their tomatillo salsa, fresno chili salsa, and lime. In my opinion, the chicken was well seasoned and the salsas were zesty and spicy. In addition, I loved learning more about DeJesus Deli and Grocery, which is a small business located in Jersey City. Then, I tried the pulled pork slider with housemate pickles and it was delicious. Furthermore, the pickles were the best part because had there was a nice balance of sweet and vinegary. Similarly, Backyard Barbecue discussed their small restaurant in Freeport, New York with the attendees. Along with the food, I picked up a glass of Marcel rosé, which was quite refreshing. Overall, the food was delectable and it was exciting to learn about some smaller, local restaurants.

Hamptons Swim Week – BOLD Swim and Origin of Oceans + SoraByrd

BOLD SWIM Via Tess McHugh

This was a special year to attend the Hamptons Fashion Week because of the premiere of Hamptons Swim Week. There were two brands showcased: BOLD Swim and Origins of Oceans. First, the BOLD Swim collection walked down the runway. The founder of BOLD Swim is Tiffany Asamoah, and she built her brand around inclusiveness in size and diversity. All of these looks are stylish, but I thought six runway looks wasn’t enough. However, these BOLD Swim’s pieces are all stunning and maintain that classic swim look.

Origin of Oceans and SoraByrd Via Tess McHugh

Following BOLD Swim, Origin of Oceans and SoraByrd displayed their looks on the runway. The founder of Origins of Oceans is Kathleen Bily, who is a native Texan now living in New York City. Her adventurous travels and important women in her life inspired her to design a swimsuit brand. Bily takes bold risks to create edgy looks, such as large cutouts, crossing straps, and high cut bottoms. The result is a creative, modern, and stunning collection. In addition, the flowy robes were designed by SoraBryd which was founded by Jordan Byrd. They compliment the swimsuits well and add elegance. There were thirteen looks, so shown above are six of my favorite looks. Overall, Origin of Oceans and SoraByrd displayed beautiful swimwear.

Fashion Icon Awards

From Left to Right: Cesar Galindo, Nicole Miller, Constance White, and Gloria Lee Via Tess McHugh

Following the Hamptons Swim Week, attendees gathered in the Southampton Art Gallery for the Fashion Icon Awards. There were four awards presented: Trendsetter of the Year, Fashion Media Award, Rising Star Award, and Designer of the Year Award. First, Cesar Galindo won Trendsetter of the Year and made a nice speech regarding his love of fashion and love for his community. Following Galindo, veteran fashion writer Constance White won the Fashion Media Award. Gloria Lee earned the Rising Star Award, and lastly, Nicole Miller won Fashion Designer of the Year. Nicole Miller is an acclaimed designer who has been in the fashion industry for forty years. Founded in 1982, her global fashion and lifestyle brand is located in NYC. Nicole Miller is known unique detailing and draping. Overall, it was a great celebration fro some pioneers in the fashion industry.

Night Runway – Cesar Galindo and Nicole Miller

Cesar Galindo Via Tess McHugh

Following the Fashion Icon Awards, Cesar Galindo showcased a nineteen look collection on the runway. The photo above is displaying six looks that stole the show. Galindo’s collection includes a few prints, stripes, classic structures, cutouts, and various fabrics. Galindo’s versatility and skill was evident with the intricacy of all of his designs. For example, he executed the simple black jumpsuit just as well as he executed the black dress with a unique cutout in the side. Overall, Galindo’s collection has variety but each piece connects to the overall brand.

Nicole Miller Via Tess McHugh

After Carlos Galindo’s show, Nicole Miller sent her looks down the runway. Miller’s collection consists of twenty-six dresses of many different styles. The majority of Nicole Miller’s dresses highlight the figure of each model because of the fitting at the waist. In addition, Nicole Miller utilized different prints, fabrics, patterns, lengths, and necklines to formulate this unique collection. Similarly to Galindo’s collection, the collection has a wide variety of styles that display how Nicole Miller has mastered the art of designing.

Due to her forty years in the fashion industry, Nicole Miller is extremely advanced in creating innovative yet classic designs. She has watched the evolution of the fashion industry over the past forty years and understands how to incorporate trends while staying true to herself. Nicole Miller’s show was a perfect way to end the night because it demonstrated to younger people in the fashion industry how far you can go. Overall, the Hamptons Fashion Week was a great cultural experience for people passionate about art, fashion, and food.

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