Male Athletes’ Cheat Meals

Male Athletes’ Cheat Meals

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LeBron James

While James does not claim to have the healthiest diet, he does usually stick to a specific balance of foods like lean and low-carb foods. A cheat meal is necessary every now and then and he has two favorites. One being the infamous sugary cereal adapted from the Flintstones, fruity pebbles. While another favorite is pizza! Specifically, from the company Blaze Pizza, which he has some investment in. James even shared his order on Instagram some years back, showing off a pizza with 16 toppings! No matter the cheat meal, he makes sure he is getting as much as he can.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is very strict on what he puts in his body, only consuming alcohol for special occasions. Although he does admit to keeping his life from being boring, he will eat a couple of slices of pizza with his son. Additionally, some of Ronaldo’s teammates revealed he has a post-match cheat meal of steak with chips (aka French fries) and eggs. It seems his teammates are always looking at what he’s eating to see what types of foods he is putting in his body.

Novak Djokovic

Mostly sticking to a gluten and dairy-free diet, he does have cheat days where he likes to indulge. Some of his favorites are pizza, popcorn, ice cream with a chocolate tart, and pancakes (the ones with gluten)! Djokovic did say he may not feel the best after eating his cheat meals, but he still can’t resist his favorites.

Bryce Harper

Harper likes his non-GMO whole foods but he cannot resist his favorite sugary alternatives. Sometimes, before a game, he’ll have some Eggo waffles with peanut butter and honey. If not that, then a spoonful of ice cream, perhaps a Klondike bar, or even some Double Stuffed Oreos. Harper makes sure his sweet tooth is satisfied when he gets the chance to indulge it.

Nathan MacKinnon

It seems the hockey player is very strict about what he and his teammates put into their bodies. He very passionately informs his team that cheat meals and indulgences are for the off-season. However, during the quarantine portion of the Covid-19 pandemic, MacKinnon didn’t mind eating some ice cream or chips and guac.

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