Ty Wood: 14 Year old Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Student & Dancer


Ty Wood: 14 Year old Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Student & Dancer

By:ZaNaria Bowens

August, 27, 2021

Now, this is amazing, 14-year-old Dallas, Texas native, is a Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Student, Dancer, and more.

Ty’Viana Woodard is the CEO of her business Ty’ Wood Final Touch. The young spirited go-getter is a self-taught sewer and fashion designer. Youtube University is where Miss Woodard began feeding her purist and happiness. Shy when speaking, but no stranger to stitch and pins, she jumped online and made skirts, shirts, and sets. In the peak of COVID-19, April 19, 2020, no longer in-person school with friends and teachers, she made it her goal to learn how to sew. During her free time, she studied videos, couture fashion and began her techniques sewing masks, and now clothing. 


(Picture Via Ty’Wood Final Touch Facebook) Ty’ Wood Final Touch Clients In Their Custom Outfits.

Interview with The Garnette Report

Reporter ZaNaria: Where do you see your career in the future?

Ty Wood: “I see myself on Tv designing.”

Reporter ZaNaria: What would you tell your younger self?

Ty Wood: “I would tell my younger self to follow your dreams and never give up.”

During The Lock Down

While it was an unprecedented time, her creative mind went to work advancing at home in the field of fashion design. Designing a mask was such a smart idea, don’t you agree? The styles of the mask ranged from custom, bedazzled, cartoon characters, fashion brand prints, and all types of designs you can’t even imagine. In total, she has designed and sold about four hundred masks. 

Teen Fashion

You can bet teen fashion is trending with Miss Wood. Like having a different purse for every day of the week, this young aspiring designer is already taking the right steps into building her portfolio as a fashion designer. On her site, she has super cute products, including monotone sets colors, mini leather skirts, tee-shirt dresses, and more.


“Ty’Wood Final Touch” Website Home

Her goals are to make her own prom dress, design dresses for other young ladies and enroll in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Additionally, she took a tour to her soon-to-be fashion school. 

Ty’Wood Final Touch CEO

(Picture via Ty Wood Instagram) Ty’Viana Woodard Posing with Her Little Orange Bag

For more about Ty’ Wood Final Touch, visit her website http://www.tywoodfinaltouch.com/ and request a consultation with her. She’d love to begin a new project. For readers out there, if there is any additional information or support you may have, please feel free to send a DM to @tywoodfinaltouch on Instagram to help this designer grow her career.

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