Urban Outfitters Set To Launch Their Very Own Thrift App, “Nuuly Thrift”

Urban Outfitters Set To Launch Their Very Own Thrift App, “Nuuly Thrift”

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

By: Bertha Solis

For any thrifting enthusiasts out there, brace yourselves! The retail company, Urban Outfitters is set to step foot into the thrifting world. On Tuesday, August 24, the brand has officially announced the launch of their very own thrifting app, Nuuly Thrift. This will create a huge competition for other thrifting apps such as ThredUp, Depop and Poshmark.

Nuuly Thrift will be known as an online resale marketplace. It will accept men, women and children’s previously used clothing and accessories from any brands. It creates quite the flexibility for customers out there since you don’t have to necessary own any Urban Outfitters clothing.


An example of how a Nuuly Thrift user’s account will look like on the official app. (Courtesy of Nuuly Thrift / Urban Outfitters)

Once released, users will be able to download the app and create their own Nuuly Thrift account. From there, users will upload photos and provide descriptions – for the clothing or accessories they may be selling. Once your items are sold, users will be able to transfer their earnings to their bank account or it can be transferred as “Nuuly Cash.”

“Nuuly Cash” is just a specialized name for Nuuly Thrift’s exclusive credit. If a user redeems their earnings as “Nuuly Cash,” you can use these credits to purchase on the Nuuly Thrift app or shop at any affiliated URBN store (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN or Terrain).


An extended layout of how the Nuuly Thrift app will look like for their users. Which will include shop, sell and discover selections. (Courtesy of Nuuly Thrift / Urban Outfitters)

There is also another catch with this “Nuuly Cash” option. You will earn an extra $10 more than what you earned from selling your clothing / accessory item. Let’s say you sold a top for $13, if you choose to redeem it as “Nuuly Cash,” your earnings will be changed to $23. However, it is not valid for users who decided to transfer it to their bank account.

In a press release, URBN’s CEO Richard A. Hayne said, “URBN has been in the vintage renewal business since our founding in 1970.” He also explained that, “With the launch of Nuuly Thrift, we’re excited for URBN to capitalize on shifting customer behavior and gain market share in the rapidly expanding online resale market.”

URBN Co. has not released an official date for the app’s release. They have only stated that it is set launch in the fall 2021 season. However, it will be only available for Apple users through the iOS app store. You can go to the nuuly.com website and sign up to get notified via email to know when the app will be released.


The Nuuly Thrift app features the option for customers to convert their earnings to Nuuly Cash or to just transfer them to their bank account. (Courtesy of Nuuly Thrift / Urban Outfitters)

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