Hamptons Fashion Week Makes The Ultimate Comeback

Hamptons Fashion Week Makes The Ultimate Comeback

Photo Courtesy of Eric Vitale 

By: Bertha Solis

After a year’s absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, right before the end of the 2021 summer season, Hamptons Fashion Week made its comeback. The three-day event, which started on August 6 with a private VIP event, then took place on August 7th and 8th, gathered many models and designers to help put together a great show.

Tickets for the event were available for purchase to attend in person. However, Hamptons Fashion Week was live-streamed globally. For this year’s show, many speculators saw the debut of Spring / Summer 2023 collections at the Southampton Arts Center in Southampton, NY.

Hamptons Fashion Week welcomed designers such as Brochu Walker, Cesar Galindo, Gloria Lee, Isabella Barrett (House of Barretti), and Skott Marsi. Besides designers, HFW had the presence of celebrity designers, local Southampton pop-up tastings, celebrities, and many sponsors at their event.


CEO and Founder of Brochu Walker, Karine Dubner poses alongside some Brochu Walker pieces. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


Designer Skott Marsi standing next to his collection at Hamptons Fashion Week. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)

HFW even awarded “The Godmother of Fashion” Fern Mallis, award-winning creator of New York Fashion Week, the Fashion Icon Award. Other notable attendees included Reza Farahan (BravoTV’s Shahs of Sunset), Kim DePaola (BravoTV’s RHWONJ), Mickie James (WWE Star & Country Star), Nick Norcia (TikTok Personality Star), Stan M. Herman (President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America), and Sydney Sadick (celebrity host & editor).

One of HFW’s designers happened to be another notable attendee of the night: Isabella Barrett, who was one of the stars on TLC’s hit show, Toddlers and Tiaras. When asked about her brand being showcased at HFW, Barrett shared, “I’m feeling excited and nervous. There has been a lot of preparation leading up to this event. I want to set an example that just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a dream.”


Designer of House of Barretti and Toddlers & Tiara star, Isabella Barrett posing at Hamptons Fashion Week. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


The recipient of the Fashion Icon Award, Fern Mallis, poses at Hamptons Fashion Week. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


TikTok personality star, Nick Noria, makes an appearance at Hamptons Fashion Week. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)

The first day of Hamptons Fashion Week was hosted by Arte Collective Gallery and included the help of Yubal Márquez Fleites. A series of artists have showcased as well as the artwork of HFW’s featured designer, Skott Marsi. Then, on the second day of Hamptons Fashion Week, there were appearances by notable attendees (featured above), local retail businesses, and highly known brands, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.

There was also live music, food, and drinks for Hamptons Fashion Week’s guests to enjoy. Guests enjoyed cocktails by
Spring 44, Beau Joie Shield Champagne, and Ghost Tequila. They were also able to listen to rhythms from DJ Fly Girl. To crave one’s hunger, the “Weekender” Food Truck, sponsored by Caviar and Michelin Guide, made its stop at HFW. Also, signature coffee mocktails were served on behalf of Signature Blends by KF, a brand by producer and actress, Kim Fields.


Guests take advantage of Weekender Food Truck at Hamptons Fashion Week. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


Besides fashion, food was quite the buzz at Hamptons Fashion Week. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)

A very cool feature was presented at Hamptons Fashion Week such as the Runway Buy app. This would let the speculators in the in-person or live stream audience purchase from the collections presented in real-time on the runway. Part of the proceeds earned through this event would go back to The Ellen Hermanson Foundation.

This year’s Hamptons Fashion Week marked year three of the event being held. Hamptons Fashion Week was created by DCG Media Group based in New York. “This special event is a unique, fun, and all-encompassing opportunity to share with residents and visitors, enjoy local fashion and beauty brands found right here in the East End, and give brands and designers an opportunity to showcase their collection,” said Dee Rivera, founder of Hamptons Fashion Week, a known fashion veteran and CEO of DCG Media Group.

She also explained that “In addition, my goal is to create diversity and to bring back the economy by highlighting Southampton as we ride the wave of Covid. Southampton is my 2nd home, which I hold dear to my heart.”


Female poses for Hamptons Fashion Week which took place on August 7, 2021. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


Isabella Barrett walks on the Hamptons Fashion Week runway showcasing some of her looks from House of Barretti. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


Male model poses for Hamptons Fashion Week 2021. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


Female model poses for Hamptons Fashion Week 2021. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


Female model poses for Hamptons Fashion Week 2021. She wears a long dark navy dress with an accessory hanging around her neck. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


Female model poses for Hamptons Fashion Week 2021. She is wearing a long floral printed dress. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)


All of the featured models are seen applauding at the finale of the Hamptons Fashion Show 2021. (Courtesy of Eric Vitale)

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