Ziggy Mack-Johnson Launches His Brand ZGY

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If there’s something sure about American designers and fashion creatives is that their ability to move, conquer, and build an audience is as dynamic and colorful as their own personality. Ziggy Mack-Johnson embodies all of that and represents one of the many millennial American dreams in fashion. By launching his brand ZGY, this fashionista is imprinting his visions within his communities and beyond.

From the bold and gritty New York scene to the bright and sunny City of Angels, Ziggy is making solid steps forward as a designer and social media influencer. Now based in Los Angeles, Ziggy is focused on his fashion brand and social media content. You can find him on Instagram at @ziggymackjohnson.


Ziggy Mack-Johnson 2021



  • Who’s Ziggy Mack-Johnson and when did you become interested in fashion?

A bi-coastal stylist, model, content creator, and fashion enthusiast, Ziggy Mack-Johnson never hesitates to express himself freely. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Ziggy was influenced by everything around him from the culture to the colors. 

  • We live in a world where labels can help us define what we do and what we stand for, but they can also mislead and suffocate us. As a creative in the fashion scene, how do you describe your role in fashion and its adjacent industries (entertainment, social media, etc.)?

As a creative in the fashion scene, I feel like I am the perfect balance in this industry. I try my hardest to stay between street fashion and high fashion because catering to both scenes will always be better.


Ziggy Mack-Johnson 2021
  • What’s the “it” of your brand? What does it make ZGY the brand of the moment?

The ‘IT’ of my brand will have to be practicing freedom from society’s norms. I myself have always believed that going outside of the box never leaves you inside the box.


Ziggy Mack-Johnson 2021


  • What are three tips you could give to someone who would like to start their own brand or collection?

Three tips I would have to give someone who would like to start their own brand is studying your audience, budgeting your lifestyle and learning to do things on your own. 


Ziggy Mack-Johnson 2021


  • Where do you see yourself in the future in the creative industry?

In the future, I see myself owning corporations and an agency for black stylists where they can be placed with clients who genuinely match their work. 

All the pieces can be found at www.ziggymackjohnson.co, Ziggy’s official website.


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