Lezé the Label: workwear that feels like pajamas

Lezé the Label: workwear that feels like pajamas

Image: Daily Hive Vancouver

If working from home taught me anything, I am more productive when I am wearing pajamas. Yes, I am 100 percent serious. While working from home, I often wore a business-looking blouse when I needed to and loungewear pants. Not only was I productive, but I was also comfortable. As more businesses and states open back up, loungewear is no longer the acceptable form of attire. While talking to a friend, I realized I’m not the only one upset about this change in wardrobe as she lamented about no longer wearing her pajama shorts since she now needs to go into her office to see her patients.

I know I can’t be the only one wishing I could work all day in my pajamas. After a few hours, my pants feel too tight, my blouse doesn’t look the same as it did in the morning, and sitting at a desk just makes me feel really uncomfortable. Then I remember Lezé the Label. 

Image Courtesy: @lezethelabel

The Canadian-based fashion label recycles workwear into pajama-inspired professional garments. This sustainable fashion company, started with a 2018 Kickstarter, now lets women work all day in their anti-wrinkle wardrobe that feels like you are literally wearing pajamas. Founded by Karen and Tanya Lee, the pair understand what it is like to wear and feel uncomfortable in “workwear,” something we are all struggling with during this pandemic world.

Fun fact, this company even uses coffee in a whole new way. While coffee may help jumpstart your day, there are currently 200,000 tons of coffee waste in landfills. But Lezé infuses coffee grounds into yarn and then knits it into the fabric. In addition, the garment company reuses plastic water bottles, fishing nets, and beech trees, adding to the color resistant and breathable fabric they are known for. We all need to do our part to help reduce climate change, and investing in sustainable fashion is one way to curb the growing problem.

Image courtesy: @lezethelabel

While people around the country are backing up their laptops and heading for the office, we no longer need to dread the inability to wear our pajamas to work because Lezé is the perfect solution.

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