Saweetie Fashion Highlights

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Saweetie: Back to the Streets

Written by Celeste Alyssa Gomez

October 26, 2020

Icy Queen, Saweetie, released her new single Back to the Streets featuring Jhené Aiko. The rapper celebrated her new single with an icy type photoshoot. With over a million fans, awards, and style trends, Saweetie has been able to climb up from the music and fashion industry immensely. Graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Communications, Saweetie worked hard to make her dreams happen. She’s an idol to many with how she speaks her mind and works on the grind. 

Photography: Instagram/@saweetie


The rapper gave us all a photoshoot. She took to Instagram this week to post on her story a photoshoot for the new single and celebrating the success behind the song. Moreover, Saweetie wore a long red mermaid tight dress with a slit to emphasize her curvy figure. The fashion lover paired her dress with some gold hoops and a flashy dangerous long wig. Her hair was done by JStayReady/Instagram: @jstayready_ and makeup was done by Deanna Paley/Instagram: @deelishdeanna the music star looked like the baddest of the bad with her glam. 

Photography: Instagram/@saweetie

A Rapper that plays around in Fashion:

Icy Mama has a record in fashion. Her looks throughout the years give many of us inspiration when creating our wardrobe. With her confidence and spunky attitude, she speaks to others. It is apparent in her music too, in her song Pretty B Freestyle Saweetie claims how she has many daughters because her icy gang is huge. I’m part of her icy gang, and you best believe I attended the first day of Icy University. Her energy is what we need right now, and her new single being released like many artists is what we need during this quarantine. This queen dresses from like every era and always slays!

Photography: Instagram/@saweetie

Revolt Summit:

Saweetie will also be appearing alongside singer DaniLeigh for Revolt Summit. The two glam queens will be hosting which you can find streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Make sure you take time to support these two female hustlers. It’s fire and ice clashing, and we cannot miss it!

Photography: Instagram/@saweetie


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Saweetie Fashion Highlights