Wolk Morais: Collection 9 Showcase

Wolk Morais: Collection 9 Showcase

Collection 9 by Wolk Morais

Written by Celeste Alyssa Gomez

November 12, 2020

The fashion market is always changing in style, trends, and color schemes. I want to introduce you to Collection 9 by Wolk Morais. According to their profile, this look was inspired by the film, “DRIVEN.” It is a short film representing Los Angeles life. Being from Los Angeles and seeing these looks capture the beauty the city brings to all of us is amazing. For example, many of the looks are designed to be suits, vests, and some sort of business shoe.


I believe these attributes connect with Los Angeles because it shows how people want to feel respected as well as themselves. The color suits are something that spoke out to me because being from LA, it is loud and proud. I am happy this collection captured the true essence. I want to talk about the male models that appear to be wearing a print and skirt that would be considered a woman’s style. These outfits speak no boundaries and go beyond which is something I love. 


New York and Los Angeles are two big places where the fashion industry is part of our culture and identity. One thing I think is interesting about this collection is that you can see Viola Davis spotting one of these outfits. She makes the December 2020 InStyle issue which is something exciting.


Lastly, I like the representing within the model, clothing, and appearance these looks provide. This collection expresses a moment of change which is something emotional, and I find these to be inspiring.



Check out the article from their website as well!!

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