Face the Future with Jason McLeod’s Time Traveler Shamanic Mask

Face the Future with Jason McLeod’s Time Traveler Shamanic Mask

Studio Jeweler Jason McLeod embraces a period of reflection with his new Time Traveler Shamanic Mask. The elegant and futuristic face mask is made to stand out and represent the era of COVID-19. The piece is carefully crafted in sterling silver and 18K yellow gold along with leather, cotton, silk, and rubber for a comfortable fit. 

McLeod, who is based in Virginia, hopes to evoke a sense of escape through his pieces in his Time Traveler Collection. “The Time Traveler seemed appropriate to me, because it’s all about leaving reality to a better time, which is appropriate for a pandemic,” he said. 

(Photo: jasonmcleod.com)

(Photo: jasonmcleod.com)

Time Traveler is indeed a fitting theme for this accessory. When you first feast your eyes upon this embellished piece, it almost resembles high tech gear from a time period in the future that has yet to be fathomed. The handmade mask is a work of art that puts a unique perspective on the world we live in today with cunning designs that speak for themselves. The protection the mask provides is equivalent to an N95, and features filters that are both shielded by emblems enveloped in gold. A motif of the Earth is displayed on one side of the mask, and the corona of the radiant sun is placed on the other which gives a solid nod to the current pandemic.

“The Time Traveler pattern represents optimism, and an ideal that isn’t tied to normal, boring reality, but from the past or future,” said McLeod. “It is all about making people feel like they belong in the era we live, or making their way in the future. A lot of what we feel and think about reality isn’t true, and it’s difficult to live inside of reality, with how things are now. Being able to time travel would fix this.”

McLeod aims to give back to the community with this timeless piece as all profits made from the mask will be donated to charity. “I wanted to do a project with the ‘Robin Hood’ effect, and help out a worthy cause, since so many people have been impacted by the coronavirus,” said McLeod.

CC1 Circuit Cuffs in Amethyst and Sky blue topaz (Photo: jasonmcleod.com)

The Time Traveler Shamanic Mask is one of the many staple pieces the designer has added to his out-worldly Time Traveler and Bubbles collections. Both lines also features new solid gold circuit cuffs, rings, and necklaces that are flared with stones such as diamonds, sapphires, and amethysts. McLeod continues to create and communicate a message of innovation through his pieces which will take you on a journey to another reality.

Gold TT Angles Ring (Photo: jasonmcleod.com)

TTP8 amethyst 18k Gold Bubble Capsule Amethyst Pendant (Photo: jasonmcleod.com)

Check out the Time Traveler Shamanic Mask and the rest of his collections here.

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