Stay Stylish with these Activewear Brands!

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Activewear Brands

Written by Celeste Alyssa Gomez

November 07, 2020

I will be discussing two activewear brands that will be luxurious, fashionable, and unique in the fashion world. I believe both brands are progressive and deserve growth. Both brands cater to women and men. The brands I will be featuring are Proud and Ultracor. Each brand pushes its boundaries on ordinary trends you typically see in the activewear scene. In addition, the elements discussed follow ambitious goals to keep style at the top with fabric choices, to be bold with patterns and colors, and to give back and represent who you are and what you value.



The name says it itself. Proud is a brand where you should feel proud of any purchase you buy from this store. Moreover, their mission is to give back to you and recycle that statement forward. Whenever you purchase something from their website, ten percent of the gross sales will be donated to charity groups such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Pink Ribbon Girls, Baby2Baby, Off The Street Club, or Rezvan Foundation. In supporting this brand, they are able to support other organizations as well.


The color scheme has three main colors: black, white, and gray. These are all neutral colors, they are accessible to workout in and even wear out. The style is definitely comfort meets chic. I appreciate the representation and diversity they carry with their models. The apparel ranges from pullovers, tanks, leggings, hats, shirts, and bomber jackets. I like the aesthetic. It promotes confidence and strong energy. Check out their website. My favorite part was reading all the stories from the community tab. I admire how they invest so much in connecting and building a community.



The brand Ultracor is breaking the boundaries type of shapewear. The colors and patterns are vibrant and speak their own story. Just imagine how powerful they must be when you wear them. Fashion is a statement, and these clothes make this statement. Adding on, this brand focuses on the quality for each customer making sure the fit matches performance and your shape to the best of its ability. In celebration, Ultracor, recently introduced a Menswear Collection as well as the Womenswear Hypersonic Collection out now!


The style is simply beautiful and something to obsess over. The prints are beauty and grace. Patterns range from butterfly prints, leopard, mysterious, floral, ombre, and much more! My favorite collections are the Sakura and Cherry Blossom Collection. They are like a painting! If you are looking for some new styles, this is the brand!



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Stay Stylish with these Activewear Brands!