Who Is The “One Hand Sewing Man?”

Who Is The “One Hand Sewing Man?”

Qaysean Williams, born in Trenton, NJ, has been designing clothes since he was a teenager. As a result of an injury at birth, he developed a condition called Erb Palsy, indelibly losing all mobility in his left arm. Because of this, Williams has become “The One Hand Sewing Man.”


Qaysean Williams

The designer began making clothes as a way of distracting his peers from his arm, he tells CFDA. Williams was often bullied for his condition, resulting in a great deal of anxiety throughout childhood. Eventually, people began to see him for how he dressed, rather than as a person with a disability. Fashion became part of William’s identity, traveling to network and attend fashion shows, where he received positive feedback on his designs. 


Williams officially established his brand Manikin in 2014. The designs are a reflection of William’s sparkling character — a perfect fusion of glamour and streetwear. Starting out as an accessory brand, Manikin’s mission is to “represent boldness, empowerment,” and “the appreciation of individuality…” Now, the Mankin site offers plenty of apparel including shimmery bodysuits, sets, dresses, and streetwear tops. 

He stresses that “being [born] differently does not have to be worn as a stigma and/or limit one’s dreams of success.” Williams has stuck with this philosophy, earning himself 14 years of success as a designer. 


Next In Fashion

In 2023, Williams was a contestant in the design competition show ‘Next In Fashion’ during its second season. The show features supermodel Gigi Hadid and TV personality Tan France as hosts, with guests judges that span from Emma Chamberlain to Bella Hadid to Donatella Versace. Despite going home in Episode 2, his talent and skill brought about praise from the judges. Having gained exposure from the show, he promised before his exit that this is merely the beginning of his career as a fashion designer. 

Featured image source: hauseofmanikin.com

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