Brooklyn Museum Announces Africa Fashion Exhibition

Brooklyn Museum Announces Africa Fashion Exhibition

The Brooklyn Museum will be hosting a new exhibition called Africa Fashion. It is the largest of its kind, and contains more than 180 pieces. The exhibit will focus on fashions pivotal role in Africa’s culture. It will also explore Africa’s ongoing fashion revolution,

In fact, many African countries became independent around the mid-twentieth century. Since then, they have continued to pursue the long standing tradition of expression in Africa.

Significantly, Africa Fashion is a diverse collection of art and clothing. The exhibit walks the viewer through the development of Africa’s cultural renaissance. The timeline ranges all across the last 100 years.

Africa Fashion is making it’s North American debut, but the exhibit has already made waves in the UK. The exhibit contains designs of over 20 countries and will be at the Brooklyn museum in June.

Africa Fashion Featured Designers

Some featured designers who laid the groundwork for the development of African fashion. Including: Shade Thomas-Fahm, Chris Seydou, and Alphadi. Contemporary designers will be on display as well such as; Imane Ayissi, IAMISIGO, and Moshions.

The pieces on display range from one of a kind pieces to customized garments. Photos taken by Africa’s finest fashion photographers gives us another lens to see the designs as well.

Finally, one of the sweetest elements about this exhibit is the sharing and cherishing of this culture. Individuals were able to submit their own photos and art pieces. Which some selections will be on display in the exhibit.

Africa Fashion will open at the Brooklyn Museum on June 23rd, and will remain on display until October 22nd. The final date to submit photo’s and videos is April 14th.

All Photos Via Victoria and Albert Museum

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