SIMONMILLER Is Hot In The Tropics

SIMONMILLER Is Hot In The Tropics

SIMONMILLER is the next up-and-coming designer from sunny Los Angeles. The brand was created in 2008 with a funky and colorful palette of apparel. Furthermore, the high fashion label SIMONMILLER’s new CEO and head creative director is Chelsea Handsford. Handsford would continue to change the scope of the designer’s future. The haute couture line was first sold as a denim and menswear only label, however, now retracing its steps, it holds a high popularity in womenswear. Now, the label focuses solely on luxurious women’s clothing as well as playful accessories to dress up any look. The funky and fabulous designs emphasize a whimsical display in colors and tropic inspired prints. In addition, the designer is continuously growing a big following for their quirky and fun lifestyle it promotes through their vibrant social media.

You can find the designer online or through their presence in popular department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Tropical Lookbook

Image via SIMONMILLER Website

Think resort wear but reimagined into a high class luxury sailing among in rich golds and bright greens selling your next vacation’s wardrobe. This stunning set features a sherbet orange one shoulder top in a custom sequin fabric. In addition, the top holds a trendy slouch look with a laid back short and a lime green ruching bag to add an extra accent of color. Indeed, the trendy favorite of clear high heels add some attitude with a green candy heel to complete the look.

Photo via SIMONMILLER Website

Glamorous in green is this chic and sexy jungle of shape. This dress paints a sultry silhouette in its cutout style. The model poses in this shimmery forest green elevated with some extra sparkle. Moreover, the gown is a halter style top in hand knit crochet that transcends into a sexy silhouette of circular cutouts.

Picture via SIMONMILLER Website

Eclectic and cool, this futuristic design is a disco ball on the runway. Furthermore, the silver sequin style set will make you tipsy in love. The outfit pairs with bold and matte green platform chunks for some funk.

Featured Image via SIMONMILLER Website

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