How to Stretch Your Wardrobe

How to Stretch Your Wardrobe

On Rejuvenating Your Wardrobe

The issue of having too many clothes in your wardrobe is one that plenty of people have. However, whether you’re going to a social event, headed to work, or just trying to spice up your loungewear, there can be the question of how to make your clothes seem new, and not like you’re just re-wearing the same old outfit every time. How do you spice up your old clothes, then, and make them feel like new pieces to an ensemble? It can be shockingly easy depending on how much time you’re willing to spend.

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Repurpose The Staples

Repurpose old clothes. Old shirts that aren’t usually worn, layered under long sleeved t-shirts or cut into crop tops, are new and inviting. They can provide a vintage look depending on how worn the shirts may look. If you’re going for a harder style, cut slits into old shirts. Surprsingly, this gets the job done. So before you look to donating old clothes and buying new ones, try to pair them in different ways. In the best case scenario, you have yourself a brand new way to style an old piece of clothing, and you’ll look good in the process.

Upcycle and Transform

And another, age old way to transform old clothes is to completely change the look of them, too. As previously stated, turning a shirt into a crop-top is an easy way to upcycle clothes and repurpose them. Furthermore, a more difficult– yet rewarding– way to upcycle clothes is to tailor them instead of throwing them out. Turn old denim pants into a fun mini-skirt using a sewing machine or fabric glue. Add rhinestones to a hat, or add splashes of fabric paint to a dull white button up and give it a tie-dyed effect. By DIY-ing your clothes, you extend the use, and if a specific style is what you’re looking for, you can re-tailor all of your clothes to make it fit the style you want.

Make Statements

One more way you can also make an old wardrobe feel stylish again is to go out of your comfort zone. Wear clothes you wouldn’t normally pair together for new and exciting looks; or, try to emulate styles seen on Pinterest or even fashion magazines. This can make your clothes seem as if they’re from the most recent season. By trying out different styles, you can pair together clothes in ways that make them seem brand new. This is sure to save you from making a trip to one of your favorite stores. 

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