Victoria’s Secret Tour Headliner Revealed

Victoria’s Secret Tour Headliner Revealed

After a hiatus since 2018, the iconic lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret’s runway show is making a dazzling return with a fresh twist, combining fashion and documentary elements into a unique blend.

Global phenomenon and Grammy Winner, Doja Cat takes the spotlight, she has been announced as the headliner for The Victoria’s Secret World Tour. The singer is set to captivate the audience with not just one, but two of her latest tracks. While she’s keeping the song titles under wraps for now, her presence alone is bound to create an electric atmosphere.

Doja Cat is said to have contributed to the creative process behind the big occasion — specifically, when it comes to her outfit designs which viewers will see throughout the event. “Because the ‘Tour’ is a celebration of the strength and unique talent of creatives, we really wanted to channel this message… I felt so powerful and confident wearing these pieces, which is so important to me,” the LA artist responded to the news.

The upcoming show promises not only Doja Cat’s magnetic performances but also the innovative “VS20” collection. This collection is the result of collaboration between Victoria’s Secret and 20 creative minds from around the world. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to embracing diversity in all its forms, a stark contrast to controversies of past years.

Victoria’s Secret announces Doja Cat has the Official World Tour Headliner. (Instagram/@victoria’s secret)

Speaking of the brand’s history, the last runway show was marred by insensitive remarks from the then Chief Marketing Officer. However, this year’s show reflects a new era for Victoria’s Secret. The company has taken bold steps to include models and ambassadors of various sizes, ages, abilities and identities. They seem to be aiming to foster and maintain a more inclusive environment.

As we eagerly await the return of the Victoria’s Secret World Tour, Doja Cat’s impending album release also adds to the excitement. Her promise of fresh sounds and different energies in her music, amplifies the anticipation among her fans.

The fall season is about to get a lot hotter and trendier with Doja Cat’s presence, and the creative ensemble of “VS20,” and Victoria’s Secret’s commitment to embracing diversity.

Make sure to mark your calendars for a spectacular experience that celebrates beauty, confidence and self-expression.

Featured Image – Carlijn Jacobs

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