Alana Hadid Makes Runway Debut

Alana Hadid Modeling Saks Potts

Alana Hadid Makes Runway Debut

There is now a new Hadid model in town. Gigi and Bella Hadid have made names for themselves as some of the most prominent models of the moment, yet they are not the only ones who have caught the modeling bug. Alana Hadid, Gigi and Bella’s older half-sister, has recently made her runway debut. Early this week, the 38-year-old was strutting down the runway during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Judging by the walk and the praise, working the runway runs in the family. She has a different look from her sisters, but she still has a hold on the crowd, which should lead to a promising modeling future.

The Outfits Of Alana Hadid

Alana Hadid modelling a sheer Munthe dress.
Photo by Matt Jelonek/Getty Images

Of course, the big question is, what was Alana Hadid modeling? On Monday, she was walking for Saks Pots. She wore a beige blazer over a white bra with a cobalt blue sequin skirt over blue jeans. The look was completed with slicked back hair and silver flip flops for an eccentric yet stylish look. On Wednesday, she was walking a show for brand Munthe. At this show, she wore two distinct and glamorous looks. The first look was a floor-length sleeveless dress with a white floral pattern and sheer material. To complete the look, she wore this dress with beige lingerie underneath and stylish black sandals. The second dress was a black long sleeve leather mini dress. The dress had flowery cutouts on the sleeves and the skirt of the dress for a little flair. She paired the look with a brown and white furry purse and the same black sandals she wore with the first dress. In both looks, Hadid had her hair down along with a natural makeup look. All of her looks carry the essence of high fashion, and she wears it well.

Who is Alana Hadid?

While this may have been Alana Hadid’s first time modeling, it is certainly not her first venture into modeling. In fact, Hadid is a fashion designer. She is the co-founder of La Detresse, a unisex fashion brand based in Los Angeles. She is also the co-owner of a fashionable eyewear brand, Hadid Eyewear, with her father, Mohamed Hadid. Furthermore, she was the previous designer/owner of the T-shirt brand Current Moji. One thing is certain, Hadid knows fashion well.

What Are Alana Hadid’s Thoughts On the Experience?

Photo by Matt Jelonek/Getty Images

While Alana Hadid never planned on having a modeling career, she enjoyed her debut. It may have even inspired her to continue her modeling in the future. When speaking to Vogue, Hadid exclaimed, “I’m actually so in love with walking runways. It was not something that I came here to do, but it’s been an exciting twist. I hope to come back again and walk more shows.” Her modeling sisters are also excited about this model journey that she is embarking on. “We’re excited for each other for everything we do,” Hadid explained, “Obviously, they know how exhilarating being on a runway is, so they’re excited for me for sure.” Making a debut in anything can be an exciting event, and a supportive family can make the whole experience even better.

What’s Next?

It is unclear when audiences will next see Alana Hadid model. Considering her debut during Copenhagen Fashion Week was pretty sudden, the same could be true for her next runway appearance. She may be busy managing all of her current brands, but hopefully, she will find more time to model. Could this be a fun side project, or maybe something bigger? One thing is for sure, the Hadids know runway and style very well.

Featured Photo by Matt Jelonek/Getty Images

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