Isabella Kron: Fashion’s Secret Weapon

Isabella kron

Isabella Kron: Fashion’s Secret Weapon

Isabella Kron fashion label : fashion secret weapon
Isabella Kron established her own label after accumulating twenty-five years of experience in the fashion industry.

After 25 years in the fashion industry, Isabella Kron established her own label, showcasing expertise in craftsmanship and high-quality design. Only a few people are able to achieve the level of success that tastemaker, designer, and fashion insider, Isabella Kron, has reached by following their dreams. Kron, who was born in Milan in the 1960s, has had a passion for fashion for as long as she can remember. With over two decades of experience in the fashion industry, her career started with a challenging experience, yet it has led to an extraordinary career that most fashion enthusiasts can only dream of having. With twenty-five years of experience in the fashion industry and expertise in craftsmanship, high-quality design, and building heritage brands, Isabella Kron established her own label in 2017. The label, Isabella Kron, is known for its thoughtful design, meticulous craftsmanship, and purposeful approach. It draws inspiration from Isabella’s Milanese background and her romanticized view of Italian glamour from the 1960s and 1970s. Isabella Kron is a luxurious lifestyle brand that prioritizes timelessness. It specializes in leather goods, lifestyle accessories, and ready-to-wear pieces. Each item from Isabella Kron is characterized by a unique blend of sumptuous simplicity and distinctive details, making it a timeless wardrobe staple that enhances the wearer’s style both now and in the future.

Zoe: You have more than two decades in the fashion industry. Where did your love of fashion originate?

Isabella Kron: My passion for fashion comes from loving everything that is beautiful and I feel that how we dress is a big part of it. Growing up in Milan during the 1960’s and 1970’s’ I witnessed all of the elegant and youthful trends influenced by the space age and hippie styles. This pushed me from a young age to think about my style choices and my future in fashion design.

Zoe: You went from Sales Associate to Design Intern to Creative Designer, and now you have your own brand. That is quite a feat. What advice would you give someone trying to break into the fashion industry?

Isabella Kron: The fashion industry has changed quite a bit since I started, but I believe that hard work, commitment, a good work ethic, and being true to yourself in creating your ideal wardrobe for your customer is key to success.

Zoe: What are some essential items that a woman should have in her wardrobe?

Isabella Kron: My wardrobe essentials edit would consist of investment pieces such as a perfect black blazer that always adds a polished touch to any outfit, a silk print blouse, perfect for both formal and casual events, an Italian-made leather bag, flat ballet shoes, ideal for everyday wear that can be dressed up or down and a skinny black pant, a sleek option for a sophisticated look.

Zoe: How do you build a fabulous capsule wardrobe?

Isabella Kron: Since a capsule wardrobe is a collection of few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of style, I would build the capsule collection with items that can be worn in a lot of different ways; you need to be able to wear all your pieces year round, making them have to be versatile and be able to be styled in multiple ways. The colors of these pieces would be black, neutrals– including camel and navy, prints– all that are able to be mixed and matched. I would also include some vintage jewelry pieces.

Isabella Kron designer

Zoe: Who has been the biggest influence on you in the fashion world?

Isabella Kron: I developed my interest in Fashion very early on. I had a strong interest in Art due to the fact that my grandfather was an Art collector as well as the fact that I was mesmerized by watching costumes in movies and television programs. I would also clip pics from fashion magazines whenever my mom was done with them, accumulating a lot of fun references to play with. All of this led me to develop my passion in my profession.

Zoe: Tell me about Isabella Kron – where did the idea of starting your own label come from?

Isabella Kron: My brand Isabella Kron is made by a few limited runs / seasonless essentials pieces with a minimalistic and timeless approach. The selection of the finest materials and detailing combined with artisanal workmanship are key in my design process.

After working in the Fashion industry for many decades, I wanted to create a small and very personal label, something that I would be able to fully enjoy while still expressing my passion in creating and developing meaningful products and connect with a specific customer that understands and looks for bespoke and limited edition pieces.

Zoe: You have worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford. What was that experience like, and did you learn anything from them?

Isabella Kron: Giorgio Armani was my first mentor. I was lucky to learn from one of the best designers. I learned every aspect of the design process through development and production and working on the amazing fashion shows. It was not easy, at times I had to push myself a great deal in order to keep up with the  job demands and responsibilities.

From the moment I went to my first interview with Tom Ford that landed me my job as Design Director at Gucci, I knew right away we had a very similar aesthetic, which made our collaboration very successful for a decade at Gucci and the launch of the Tom Ford brand afterwards.

Isabella kron designer collection

Zoe: The craftsmanship of your newest collection is phenomenal! From ready-to-wear to the accessories, they are stunning and truly capture the style of metropolitan women. Could you please tell me where the inspiration for this collection came from?

Isabella Kron: My inspiration for my newest collection came from elements taken from architecture and sculpture to create very clean lines especially for the new handbags and shoes. While the new prints of my ready to wear and beach pareos, which are a strong part of my collection DNA, were inspired by colors you will find in nature either on a  bright butterfly wing or an exotic colorful fish.

Zoe: What is one of your favorite pieces from your collection?

Isabella Kron: One of my favorite pieces in my collection is the Carnaby Denim Jacket. I love the slim  fit and the very distinctive stitching details contrasting the dark wash denim and the 60’s flair of it. The perfect item to enjoy for years to come that everyone should have in their wardrobes.

Zoe: What more can we expect from the Isabella Kron label?

Isabella Kron: Very exciting additions are in works such as exquisite embroideries, new prints with very bold designs together with a strong palette of vibrant colors, woven handbags and the launch of a Jewelry line.

Drawing upon twenty-five years of fashion experience and expertise in craftsmanship, high-quality design, and heritage brand building, Isabella Kron established her eponymous label in 2017. As a lavish lifestyle brand, Isabella Kron is dedicated to timelessness. The brand specializes in crafting leather, lifestyle accessories, and ready-to-wear pieces, each reflecting a unique sense of sumptuous simplicity and distinct detail. These elements combine to create wardrobe staples that elevate the wearer’s look both in the present and for years to come.

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