The Consulate is New York’s Newest hotspot

Dinner at the consulate

The Consulate is New York’s Newest hotspot

Dinner at the consulate

The Consulate is New York’s newest hotspot and midtown’s sexiest restaurant.



The Consulate is bringing new life to Midtown with its newest location.


It’s a hot and sunny day in New York City, specifically in Midtown West, which is better known as Theatre Row. This neighborhood is popular among those who attend off-Broadway shows and it offers a variety of choices for fine dining experiences. At the heart of Theatre Row stands the newest addition, The Consulate. The Consulate is a charming French-inspired brasserie and bar with a global French modern menu created by a renowned chef.


The Consulate opened its second location in New York’s Midtown on March 21st. Founder Metodija Mihajlov and his twin brother Kiril Mihajlov opened the original restaurant on the Upper West Side in 2019 and successfully brought the concept to the bustling Midtown neighborhood. The Consulate offered diners an international culinary experience with its global French Modern American menu crafted by renowned Chef Alan Vargas.


“After four successful years on the Upper West Side, we are excited to announce the opening of our second location in Midtown. The Consulate is bringing its diverse and global concept to this new neighborhood, and we are thrilled to welcome our regulars, new neighbors, and friends to experience the space. The new location celebrates the French-style brasserie of our sister establishment while also introducing exciting additions to the food and beverage menu and a refreshed design. We cannot wait for Midtown to discover what The Consulate is all about,” said restaurateurs, Metodija and Kiril Mihajlov.


The concept, food, and beverage offerings, as well as the design of The Consulate, capture the rich diversity and vibrant mix of world influences found throughout the city. The idea for The Consulate originated from Metodija’s personal experience as a foreigner pursuing the American dream in New York City. Historically, a consulate has been a place of trade and friendship, a refuge where foreign government officials take care of and support people visiting from their native country. Metodija wanted to preserve that spirit by creating a restaurant that would not only serve as a community hub for Macedonians but also provide comfort and hospitality to all who walk through its doors.


The restaurant’s décor is stunning; when walking in the door, customers are immediately greeted with overwhelming timeless vintages. The exposed brick wall showcases vintage artwork, adding to the ambiance. On the second floor, there is a beautiful mirror adorned with ivy greenery garland, and next to it is the impressive Arkle Staircase with elegant rails. By the entrance, a cozy mahogany bar gives a Parisian feel and offers signature cocktails. The second-floor dining room exudes luxury, with exposed brick walls adorned with exquisite and breathtaking artwork behind each table. The tables are neatly organized, covered with spotless white tablecloths that match the dimly lit candles and polished silverware.

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On a recent night, two friends visited The Consulate and were greeted by friendly staff. As they arrived at their table, a waiter pulled out their seats and handed them menus. Surrounded by the European scenery at The Consulate, diners instantly feel transported away from New York City to a beautiful restaurant in Paris, France. While diners take in the scene and peruse the menu, they become immersed in French decadence.


The menu offers creative cocktails such as the Lola martini, The Consulate old fashioned, and Malama, which can be paired with appetizers like oysters on the half shell dressed in tangy mignonette with hot sauce, tuna tartare with avocado and yuzu, and crisp shallots. On the other side of the menu, divine delights range from crab cakes to grilled octopus, French onion soup, and The Consulate Tower, which includes 12 oysters, 6 clams, 1 lobster, and a trio of tartare that will make anyone’s mouth water.


For the main course, the selection was an easy decision: Steak Frites. Fortunately, at The Consulate, diners will be pleased to find authentic French cuisine made with natural and organic ingredients, unlike the saturated and highly seasoned American food. After just 20 minutes of ordering, waiters bring out steaming plates of food, filling the air with delicious aromas that cause diners to crane their necks in anticipation. When the plate of steak frites arrives, an expression of delight dances across the diner’s face as the waiter places it in front of them. The nose fills with the colorful seasonings of onion and gravy, and the savory smell of hot frites

The patron’s taste buds are in for a real treat with this dreamy dish. The savory tasting sauce is the perfect blend of slightly sweet but rich flavor, without being too salty. The frites are cooked to perfection, and the meat is cooked to perfection as well. Dining at The Consulate feels like dining in Paris, without ever having to leave New York.


Overall, The Consulate is bringing a new level of sophistication and culinary excellence to Midtown with its newest location. The restaurant captures the essence of French-inspired cuisine and offers a global menu that delights diners with its diverse flavors. The stunning decor, including vintage artwork and an impressive staircase, adds to the ambiance. The attentive staff ensures a warm and welcoming experience, making diners feel like they have stepped into a refuge of comfort and hospitality. The menu showcases a range of delectable options, from creative cocktails to tantalizing appetizers and mouthwatering main courses. The Steak Frites, in particular, is a standout dish that showcases the restaurant’s commitment to authentic French cuisine. With its impeccable service, exquisite flavors, and elegant atmosphere, The Consulate truly brings a touch of Paris to the heart of Midtown.

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