Tote Bags and Where to Find them

Tote Bags and Where to Find them

High-end designer purses will always be timeless, but tote-bags seem to be what everyone wants nowadays. The bags are light and airy, and big enough to hold a substantial amount of stuff; it is surprising these haven’t been trending longer! More and more shops are switching to tote bags for consumers to carry products in as a means for environmental conservation. The bags are cheap and reusable, so great for shopping bags.

More and more we are seeing these bags being used as everyday purses. Even on college campuses, students are using linen tote bags to carry their books around in. They are also so great for grocery shopping! Unlike plastic and paper, which aren’t great for the environment and break pretty quickly, tote bags are a reliable alternative. They are great to bring anywhere because they are also super easy to clean; they can just be hand washed or thrown in with a load of laundry. As these bags become more and more popular, brands and companies are creating designs and sketching on them. Even at museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art you can find artworks printed on them, like Monet’s Water Lilies. Below are some of my favorite totes and where you can find your own!

The MET Totes

These totes are from the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop. It is a guarantee that at any museum you can find at least one tote with an artwork on it. If you are a museum lover, make sure to pick one up on your next visit!

Free People Totes

Before these bags were even really trending, Free People were using them as shopping bags. Anytime you purchase something from free people, you can get yourself one of these beautifully colorful totes. The best part is, they are free! Every now and then they update and change the tote pattern so you will never get bored of your Free People totes!

ABLE Totes

Finally, if you are looking for a fancier tote, ABLE is the brand to check out. They have a section completely dedicated to beautiful leather totes that all have a lifetime guarantee. Especially as we hit the beginning of fall, these bags will look great with any fall outfit. This brand is especially great because they only use up-cycled leather and a 100% recycled, closed-loop water system.

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