Sustainable Brands to Shop At

Sustainable Brands to Shop At

Sustainable brands are more and more popular in the U.S. as the world struggles with the climate crisis. According to writers, Rachael Dottle and Jackie Gu, the fashion industry makes up about 10 percent of the CO2 output into the environment. Also, the fashion industry creates 1/5 of the plastic produced in the world each year. In short, these numbers are only rising, which is why it is so important to shop sustainably and ethically! With this in mind, here are some great brands to look into and shop at!


If you are looking for affordable and comfortable clothing basics, OGL is the place to go! The brand focuses on creating clothes that are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and have low CO2 emission rates. My favorite is their workleisure department, offering long-lasting and super cozy attire!

People Tree

As we head into the fall season, People Tree is the best place to look for your new autumn staples. For one thing, they offer a wide range of beautifully patterned skirts, dresses, tops, and pants. Most importantly, they focus on only using natural resources and avoiding plastic and toxic materials. Here are some of their newest arrivals to shop for!


Next on the list, as the air gets crisper and cools down, you may be wanting some new cozy activewear. Tala has everything you are looking with affordable prices and an amazing array of colors, sizes, and styles! All of their long-lasting fabrics are either recycled, upcycled, or natural. Here is what is in stock and trending now!

Ninety Percent

Finally, if you are searching for more elegant luxury outfits, you should check out Ninety Percent. Their main focuses when creating products are: positive working environments, sustainable materials, long-lasting products, and limiting CO2 usage. Find your dress-up favorites and bring a new level to your everyday-wear with their newest garments.

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