TOMBOGO™ and New Era Cargo Cap Release

TOMBOGO™ and New Era Cargo Cap Release


 TOMBOGO™ (@tombogo)  announced and launch an exclusive cap with New Era, available on the DROPX program for STOCKX and on which launched on August 18th, 2020.

With the Cargo Cap by TOMBOGO & New Era, founder and creative director, Tommy Bogo, advances the utilitarian look of the classic New Era hat by adding a modern, functional twist.


The Cargo Cap provides two detachable cargo pockets that can be snapped/unsnapped and replaced with other TOMBOGO utility attachments. One of the attachments that can be used is the Storm Hood. This attachment is a custom made piece in collaboration with Escobar Tailors in San Francisco, California. Each Storm Hood is 1-of-1, limited edition, and hand tailored.

For this collaborative DropX release with StockX, TOMBOGO takes it one step further, presenting a customizable version of the Cargo Cap. Each Cargo Cap will offer vintage patches of your favorite cities to creatively add on to the cap.


This unique piece is sure to be a conversation starter and is perfect for the current climate of the world. Now more than ever, people want to be able to leave the house with comfort and safety at the top of mind without sacrificing style and individuality. The Cargo Cap by TOMBOGO & New Era toes that line perfectly.





  • STOCKX’s Exclusive City Patch TOMBOGO & New Era Cargo Cap launched on DROPX for STOCKX and is available now.

  • Logo, Blank, and Stormhood TOMBOGO & New Era Cargo Cap launched on and is available now.

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