Why Tiktok Is the Perfect Platform for Fashion Lovers

Why Tiktok Is the Perfect Platform for Fashion Lovers

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By: Hailey Hinton 2/7/2021

TikTok is a great platform for almost, and nearly anything–food lovers, dancers, comedians, beauty gurus, real estate agents, and even everyday people that just want to create something interesting. 

I’ve found that fashion is one category that seems to excel through the roof when it comes to TikTok. Whether you’re a fashion lover, boutique owner, or trying to get your small fashion business off the ground, TikTok is where you should focus 90% of your energy if you haven’t already. Seem like a bizarre theory? Keep reading. 

The Tik Tok Algorithm is unlike any other social media platform.

You know how on Instagram you only see the pictures of who you’re following in your feed, other than the occasional ad? This is perfect, if you just want to reach an audience you already have, and 9/10–what good is that? The TikTok Algorithm has two tabs when you’re scrolling–one for who you’re following, and one called the “For You” page. The following tab is self explanatory, but the for you page gathers videos from everywhere, based off of things you might like, or videos you’ve liked in the past. 

With that short crash course of how TikTok works out of the way, just imagine what this could do for anyone trying to gain a following in fashion. Not only will people who follow you will see your video, but it’s likely that anyone who likes anything remotely related to fashion, might see your TikTok. Instagram, step it up!

The Videos are 60 seconds or less, which is perfect for our short attention spans.

According to Time Magazine, we know have a shorter attention span than goldfish–which is around 8 seconds. In other words, most people don’t really have time to watch an entire YouTube video on winter fashion, or scroll for hours on Pinterest, or for that matter, search for clothing boutiques when looking for some cute clothes. 

Luckily, TikTok videos can be only be 60 seconds max, which makes it the perfect platform to promote your small fashion business, try on 3-5 outfits, or give a mini clothing haul–without people drooling or getting bored. 


The Effects, Transitions, and Sounds Make Them Fun to Interact With

One of the best reasons in general that TikTok is so addicting, is all of the nuts and bolts associated with it. The effects, transitions, and audio make them that much more fun to interact with. Hopping on trends in any shape or form is a great way to get your fashion sense or business out there, and to switch things up to potentially gain a larger audience. 

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can become a sensation overnight.

Going to back to my first point, the chances of you or your fashion business becoming a sensation overnight is a lot higher than it is on any social media platform. Even if you’re just someone who likes to put together outfits, TikTok can make you a stylist overnight–Going into every TikTok with the thought of “what if?” is beyond motivating. 


It’s the most popular platform at the moment, plain and simple. 

One could argue this statement, but undoubtedly, TikTok is the most popular platform at this point in time. Every age group is on it, and almost every business is. If every other business is out there using it, why shouldn’t you be?

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