Kai Azana Is On Her Own With A New EP

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Singer songwriter Kai Azana has unveiled a new project called “On My Own.” The six track long EP features songs such as “How Could You”, “Becoming” and the single “On My Own.” This is her first released project of the year and to anyone yearning to listen to some soothing R&B music with an easygoing feel, Kai’s EP will most assuredly not disappoint.

Her single, “On My Own” is the most upbeat track of the six, and has a faster pace in comparison to the others which are slower ballads. The song, despite being more up tempo, still has a slightly somber message behind it. Telling the story of a woman questioning the intent behind a relationship with her partner, the song dives deeper into subject matter that many listeners will easily be able to relate to, while also being able to just vibe and enjoy the voice singing about this subject.

With 8,000 streams on Apple Music and over 800 monthly listeners on Spotify, Kai’s public reach may currently be small, her singing capabilities and talent certainly aren’t. Specializing in the R&B genre, Kai’s project takes listeners on a journey into how it truly feels to be on your own, whether that be freshly out of a new relationship or just simply discovering how you fit into this big world.

It is apparent that Kai has a wonderful voice that will allow her to achieve greatness in the music industry. Her past and current projects do an excellent job of highlighting just how wonderful that voice is. Kai Azana is the next artist on an incline and we should all expect to hear great things from her in the near future. To listen to “On My Own” by Kai Azana, the project is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube and Soundcloud.


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Kai Azana Is On Her Own With A New EP