Take A Dive Into The Music Of Canadian Artist Pisceze

Take A Dive Into The Music Of Canadian Artist Pisceze

Pisceze is a Toronto-raised, R&B/chill-pop artist who is not to be slept on. Having collected over 60,000 views on YouTube and greater than 500,000 plays on Spotify, and being featured in Complex Canada’s “6 Rising Canadian Artists You’ve Been Sleeping On,” Pisceze is a star on the rise with vocals that will take her straight to the top. 

Her latest single, “Lay Up” featuring Sage Harris is a feel-good and upbeat R&B track with lots of Pop style elements. It tells of how easy it can be to just fall in love by sharing the simple pleasures of life together. The song is very chill and laid back, with a catchy hook that will easily be stuck in your head, but you won’t ever be tired of hearing.


Growing up in a family filled with music and songs, it was almost destined for Pisceze to take a dive into the music industry. She learned how to sing and play the piano as a child, but officially got into the industry by songwriting for different artists. But with the support and encouragement of her friends, she decided to create music for herself and hasn’t looked back since. 

While being a true Pisces at heart, Pisceze radiates the sign’s energy not only in her everyday life, but also in her music. The artist says, “I make music that makes me feel good and what resonates to me and hopefully people that listen to it can relate to it and it helps them.”

What’s next for the budding young singer? New music is on the way and this will be the year for focusing on and really highlighting that special Pisceze sound. There will be a visual premiere of her new single on February 26 and stay tuned for three new releases PLUS a full project later in the Fall. To stream Pisceze’s past and present releases, her music is out on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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