Motown Records Relaunch Black Forum Label

Motown Records Relaunch Black Forum Label

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This past year the demands to acknowledge the unfortunately present racism in America today have been brought to light by the Black Lives Matter movement. Amidst this, several companies and businesses have placed for focus on race in America and advocating for more opportunities for Black American’s to make their mark. Motown Records just recently announced the relaunch of the Influential Black Forum Label.

The History Behind the Forum Label

The Black Forum was originally founded in 1971 by Mr. Berry Gordy. Upon the release of the Motown Museum, this relaunch has come about as a collaboration to further the racial initiative that the Motown Team has stood by. Inspired by the words and passion of Dr. Martin Luther King, the Black Forum was created in an effort to provide Black artists with a place to prosper in the industry and have a voice. Whether one is a poet, creative storyteller, speaker, or singer this forum has provided them support and a platform to express their arts to a larger audience.

Relaunch Sparks More Conversation

Ethiopia Habtemariam, President of Motown Records, made a statement saying that “As we navigate our way through unprecedented times, racial and social tensions are at a high. We felt an urgent need to reactivate Black Forum in order to provide information alongside inspiration. The label provided a clear-cut reflection of who America was at the time of civil unrest in the 60s and 70s. Now, we look to extend and expound on the original principles and purpose of Black Forum.” This relaunch will further the Black Forum’s purpose in regard to today’s tragic events.

Following their announcement, on February 26th they are planning to reissue six of the historic albums that established its legacy, beginning with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Why I Oppose The War In Vietnam. These six historic albums include..

  • Stokely Carmichael – Free Huey
  • Langston Hughes & Margaret Danner – Writers Of The Revolution
  • Guess Who’s Coming Home: Black Fighting Men Recorded Live In Vietnam
  • Ossie Davis & Bill Cosby – Congressional Black Caucus
  • Various Artists – Black Spirts: Festival Of New Black Poets In America (includes appearances by Imamu Amiri Baraka, Stanley Crouch, and The Last Poets)

Keep a lookout for their releases and latest events, as they intend to come back better than ever. This relaunch tackles and recognizes the racial injustices of today’s society of Black Americans in the most creative way, being through art and music. They plan to build upon and amplify the generational voices of today. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the Motown Black Forum!


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